Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler and p90x Fitness Coach Nick Husin

with Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler

Over the weekend, I went to a 4 day Beachbody Leadership Event in Dana Point, CA near Laguna Beach. It was a great event networking with other successful coaches and Beachbody Success Story winners, working out with RevAbs’ Brett Hoebel, and then doing Yoga from P90X2 with THE MAN Tony Horton. One thing that really stands out for me was Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler’s opening speech, emphasizing that “we’re here to make a dent in the universe by ending the trend of obesity” (pretty close to Steve Jobs’ famous quote). It is our responsibility as coaches to keep the company’s integrity and to stay true to Beacbbody’s mission: “To help people achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life.”  That’s what it should always be about… no gadgets, no gimmicks, no short cuts – just real health accomplished with real dedication and work!

There are a lot of gimmicks out there, and you all know what they are. Short cuts never work. You have to EARN it, and that is what Beachbody products are all about – creating a worthwhile journey through education on proper nutrition and fitness so that your results will be sustainable for a lifetime.

I have been approached by other network marketing companies out there that try to represent themselves as an overall fitness and health company. Recently, someone approached me to join a new multi-level company that sells weight loss shakes that supposedly will “put Shakeology out of the market”.   This company (which shall not be named) has gained popularity among fitness people and has grown really fast, not because of their good quality products, but because of their compensation plan that pays their distributors well. I was told that I could make more money and probably triple or even quadruple my income if I joined the company.

Beachbody Leadership Event Photo

Insanity & P90X Success Story Winners

I am going to be honest – that intrigued me a bit. And because of my passion for health and fitness, I want to learn what’s out there and what works . But, looking at the ingredients of the shake, I was shocked to see that it is just nothing but more than a ‘chemical cocktail’. In my opinion, it is no different than a regular whey protein, but with an added bonus dose of digestive enzymes. The company claims that the users got results by drinking it daily while working out, but that is no different than doing a crash diet. I CANNOT in good faith represent that product or the company.

The Beachbody Advantage

Why am I with Beachbody and represent their products? Because I have used them and the products have changed my life. I am good in what I do as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach, simply because I believe in what I am doing and agree with Beachbody’s statement. I have never considered myself as a network marketer and will probably never get involved in any other multi-level company.

Everyone knows P90X works. Celebrities are using it, professional athletes are using it, and even politicians are using it as well. The new P90X2 that is coming out in a few months has already garnered attention from world class athletes and their coaches, as well as personal trainers who all have said that it is going to be at the top of the line in terms of world class personal training, while at the comfort of your own home.  And the top selling Shakeology, developed by world class nutritionists over several years of research, provides superfood based nutrition at just $4 a serving — compared to the $30 dollars or so a serving if you tried to assemble the ingredients on your own.


Shakeology vs Competitors

During the Beachbody leadership event, Carl also mentioned that Beachbody will never compromise people’s health to achieve results. The end DOES NOT justify the means. We are not here to make quick bucks; we are here to bring changes to the world. Integrity is everything and I know for sure that neither I or Beachbody will ever sell out.

Check out Carl’s blog to learn the science behind Shakeology’s ingredients – why no soy protein, why Vanilla flavor can be bad, etc


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