Success Story: Jason Pinckney, Gained 21 lbs of Lean Mass with P90X

Think that P90X is only for weight loss? Well, think again. Check out this amazing “scrawny to brawny” P90X transformation. P90X is designed for ANYONE who wants to improve their health and fitness level and transform their body to their optimal physical condition. So if you’re underweight, it makes sense that you will gain lean muscle mass.

Jason managed to gain 21 lbs in just 90 days by following the proper nutrition and taking the right supplements.


Jason’s words:

I started this program as an unhappy 35 years old with 18 years of military career.  I was always considered unusually underweight.  I had seen several physicians and nutritionists and was told the same thing every time – “Well you’re not sick, and you’re not injured, it’s just that you have a fast metabolism which is why your body is really thin”.

I could accept “thin” or slender but at the time I sought help I was weighing in at 132lbs at 6’ 2 ½”.  That wasn’t normal to me by any means, and it wasn’t what I wanted.  People would say that it was a blessing to be my weight and tell me not to worry, but I knew that wasn’t healthy.  I was averaging around a 9 to11 on Body Mass Index, which was well below the healthy norms.  I knew that my energy levels were not what they should have been and I wanted more.  The final straw was to have a fellow High School Alumni contacted me on Facebook and told me that it was easy for him to find me since I was the same skinny kid he knew in High School.  I set my mind that I was not going to my 20 year reunion looking the same as I did when I left High School.

I had heard of a workout called P90X, which had peaked my interest.  So my journey to discover a fix had begun with a destination. I logged into the Team Beachbody website and started sifting through success stories. I couldn’t read them all, but I was determined to try.  I was looking for that one thing that would tell me that the program was a hoax, looking for that excuses to go back to just doing what I had always done which was to be unsatisfied with my weight and do nothing about it.  Well after a long search through the tales, I can happily say I didn’t find what I was looking for; there was nothing I could find to tell me that P90X couldn’t do what it claimed.

So I hopped on the message threads and asked if anyone could tell me if P90X could help me gain weight since most people seemed to use it to lose weight.  It took no time at all before someone directed me to Nick’s profile and message thread.  I read through every portion of Nick’s success and realized that he had further to go to reach his goals than I did, and he did so with flying colors.  I figured if he could do it why not me.  Shortly after that I was ordering P90X and prepping to push play.  The first week killed me; I was sore for several days and barely able to breathe.  After that, things just seemed to get easier.  I was finishing up my work days just waiting to get home and do my workouts.  I was scheduling things around my workouts to make sure I did not miss them.  I was doing what I never thought I would ever do and that was ENJOYING my workouts.

Day 1 I weighed myself in at a 138 lbs.  Well Day 30 rolled around and friends and family were making comments about my arms and back, didnt think much of it till I stepped on a scale.  I had made significant gains.  Day 60 arrived and I even noticed myself I was finding the workouts a little easier and noticing more definition in my body.  By the time Day 90 hit I was hooked as one could be and looking forward to more.  When Round 1 was complete I had very noticeable muscle definition and was weighing in at 159 lbs. I had made a 21 lbs increase in lean mass and was loving life.  My motivation is high, my morale was never better and I plan on “Pushing Play” over and over.


If you want to get the get the same results as Jason, contact me now and I will do my best to help you to transform your body!


– Nick Husin, Independent Team Beachbody Coach
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