Success Story: Jason Powell

Jason’s story is a  great example of what consistency with diet and exercise can do once you decide to do it.  Just like the Beachbody matra: Decide, Commit, Succeed.  Jason did them all and looks like a completely different person because of it.  Great job Jason!



My story is very much like many men my age. I was in good shape most of my twenties and stayed pretty active. I always had a thin build growing up. When I started to put on weight in my late twenties, it was welcomed!! I continued to slowly put on weight, again, it was welcomed.  It was right after Christmas of 2009 when things started to get out of hand.  From December of 09 to May of 2010 I had gained 50lbs putting me at the largest I have ever been! 220-225lbs and in very poor shape. I started to notice that I was tired all the time, I would get sick easier, I was also down to very little clothing due to the rapid weight gain!!  That was not enough for me to make a change though.. The drive to change came Valentine’s Day 2010.

My wife bought me a few gifts, some were new clothes. I tried on the shorts she had bought me and neither of them fit, they were all too tight. I can still remember how mad I was at myself. They were size 34’s and I could not even button them up!! We had to go back to the store and I ended up with 36- 38’s depending on the brand.  I knew I had to make a change! I started to look for a program but had no idea what to look for. Somehow I stumbled upon the P90X site, it sparked my interest. Not being sold on the before and after images they show, I did further research. I found numerous videos on YouTube.  I saw real people with real results, real stories, I was SOLD!!

I started the program with my wife in May of 2010. I can honestly say P90X is the most demanding workout routine I have EVER tried! The first 30 days were brutal with very little gains in muscle or fat loss. Feeling discouraged, I started to look for other programs on the Beach Body forums.  I stumbled upon Nick’s thread, I was very impressed with his progress and drive! I joined the group and reluctantly posted up my current 30 day picture at his request.. He shot me straight, he was blunt but he told me what I needed to hear!!! With his diet plan, workout tips and my determination I lost a total of 50lbs and am in best my life! Nick pushed me to make the workouts harder every week, lift heavy and bring it! I would have NEVER thought in the beginning I would try to make the routines harder. I now use a 40-50lbWeighted vest for push-ups/pull-ups and ankle weights for abs excesses. He also got me hooked on 5X5 bench pressing and squats to add mass! I feel phenomenal, my overall health is so much better. I can do things I have not been able to in years! I took 8-10 years off my age. What a great feeling entering my 30’s in July! From here I plan to keep at it, I would like to add 10-15lbs of muscle. No easy task but time is going to pass regardless so I might as well spend it staying healthy and fit!

~Jason Powell




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