Not in USA but wanting to have the Beach Body results? No problem!

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I have been getting a lot of response from my international followers and readers who want to get Ripped Like Nick. Before, it was impossible to ship any of the Beachbody products outside of the USA and Canada and it was frustrating….. but not anymore.

International Shipping Instructions

To my international followers, you can now purchase my recommended products directly from my website and get coached by me. But first, you should get a Bongo US address for $5 and then when you order through my website, Bongo will take care of the international forwarding. This makes everything easier! Bongo US works for most countries.


Other recommendations to get a USA address

For Australia residents, use  or

For New Zealand residents, use

For Singapore residents, use

For Dubai/UAE residents, use

That way, you can still get me as your fitness coach from your purchase.

For any inquiries, please contact me.

Purchasing from my website

When you click “Buy Now” on any of the items available on my website, you will be taken to the ordering page.  I will automatically become your free fitness coach when you purchase the items and create a FREE account. Remember to use your USA shipping address! The service that you use (either Bongo US or others) will forward your items to your home address in your home country.

Under the payment information, use the USA address too, including for the Credit Card Billing Address.



3 Responses to Not in USA but wanting to have the Beach Body results? No problem!

  • Sorry it should read *items from the states..

  • H Nick, I already have an international forwarding address and have used it frequently to purchase items from ten states. However, when I tried to order some products from your website, it requires a credit card with a US/Canada Billing address.any work around?

    • You can use international credit card. Just use your US address for the billing address. It does not have to match with your credit card address