New Chest and Back Routine

Chest and Back RoutineThose who have been following my fitness journey, know that I am doing a 90 day Halloween Challenge by mainly doing P90X. According to the schedule, today is the start of Phase 3 of my 12th round of the X.

So I walked to the gym with my workout buddy and on the spot, we decided to do something different but still following the rules of the Chest & Back Routine from P90X. But beware, I do not recommend doing this chest and back routine for beginners. If you’re doing your first couple rounds of P90X, stick with the original P90X chest and back routine. You need to EARN IT before moving to something more advanced. I mean you do not go to Calculus I without learning the basic Math Algebra right?

The Chest and Back Routine Workout:

 (take 30-60 sec break between sets)

3 min warm up on the treadmill with jog or brisk walk.

  1. 7-8 reps Bench Press at 100% of your bodyweight
  2. 12-15 reps of CLEAN wide grip pullups. NO KIPPING!
  3. 7- 8 reps Bench Press at 110% of your bodyweight
  4. 12-15 reps of CLEAN close grip chin ups
  5. 5 reps Bench Press at 125% of your bodyweight
  6. 12-15 reps of CLEAN wide grip pullups
  7. 3-5 reps Bench Press at 140% of your bodyweight (get a spotter)
  8. 12-15 reps of CLEAN close grip chinups
  9. 3-5 reps Bench Press at 150% of your bodyweight (get a spotter)
  10. 10 reps of Cable Row with V handle at 100% your bodyweight
  11. Max reps of Two-Twitch Speed Pushups (P90X Chest Shoulder Tri routines)
  12. 20 reps total of Alternate Cable Row with Freemotion Row Machine. See min 1:25 on the video link. You should be doing this at 100% your bodyweight
  13. Max reps on Rockstar Pushups (this routine will be on P90X2!). For this routine, I managed to do around 12-13 reps.
  14. Repeat #10
  15. Repeat #11
  16. Repeat #12
  17. Repeat #13
  18. 10 reps of Standing Lat Pushdown, which you can view from Scott Herman’s youtube video.  Do not let your ego takes over as this is a hard routine since you’re engaging on your core as well. If you’re not careful, you could easily hurt your lower back. Today, I started with 50 lbs since this is the first time that I’m doing this routine since the past 6 months.
  19. Finish off your chest with max reps Dive Bomber Pushups (that is correct! It is the P90X pushups)
  20. Burn off your lat with 4 sets of 10 wide grip pullups (you could cheat by kipping for this one). Take about 15 sec break between sets. Feel free to use a chair/bench to help you complete full 10 reps on each set.

Then, stretch for 2 min and we finished off with Abs Ripper X!

It took my buddy and I about 75 min to complete our chest and back routine workout. But I’d have to say that it was a great modification to our ol’ regular P90X chest and back routine!


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