Never Give Up! Work Harder At Something You Are Weak At

I was born competitive – I have always wanted to be the very best, if not, among the top elite. Growing up, I was the best in Math, the best in Chess, the best English speaker in my school and in fact, was in the top 1% students in my home country (I was just brainy back then, but not so much of a brawny). Entering college in California, I did not want to settle for being the typical skinny nerdy asian guy – I worked hard to transform myself.

I discovered the “cult” of Tony Horton’s beach workout in the mid of 2008. The first day, I surprised myself by facing my fear of heights and able to climb the 25 ft rope without using any legs. Of course, I was not good at any other routines. Within a year, I got really good in almost all “push” workouts, especially in handstand pushups.

However, my weakness was muscle ups. For 2 years, I was working on the technique on a straight pullup bar but never seems to get the motion. I kept practicing and just a few months ago, I did it – on the straight bar. Every week, I got better and better and just yesterday, I broke my personal records of doing 15 consecutive reps of muscle ups!

Another muscle up routine that we do is on the rings – it is a humbling experience for me the past 2.5 years since I just never know how to do it. Everyone kept telling me that I have the strength, but just need to figure out the technique. I always skipped the routine in the first year but I told myself that unless I even try, I will not get any better. The past 6 months, I started to push myself to do 1 complete rep. I asked for advice and tips for everyone and seek spot to help me with the routine.

Just yesterday, I asked someone to give me a spot, by pushing me forward when I was about to pull myself up on the rings. Funny thing was, I did the first reps without any help, and then did the second one, and more and more. Most people in the group could do around 6-8 reps of muscle ups; so when I did the 8th reps, I told myself that I need to do 1 more…. just 1 more reps and I should be above average. I pushed and pushed and pushed and I did the 9th reps! I did not want to stop there and even attempted the 10th reps, but my arms were dead tired.

My point of the story is to not give up. You might be the fattest one, the weakest one, the skinniest one, or the slow one in your group of friends; if you want to change that, you need to work on it. Use your weakness as a humbling experience and push yourself to be the best. It may take 2.5 years, it may take 10 years, but no results will come unless you keep on practicing and pushing yourself. Just believe in yourself. DECIDE…. COMMIT…. SUCCEED!