My experience with LASIK at LA Sight

Everyone in my family wears glasses, and since I was a little kid, I assumed that one day I would probably have to wear glasses as well. Alas, when I was 11 years old in 1995, my vision started to get blurry and that was when I started wearing glasses. After few years,  I had some savings and got myself a pair of extended 1 year wear contact lenses for my 17th birthday.

Few years ago, my sister got her LASIK done. From the way she explained the procedure, I knew that I would be too terrified to do such procedure and I would just deal with wearing contacts for the rest of my life. It wouldn’t be much an issue except that my eyes get dry fairly easily and contacts irritate my eyes if I wear them for long period of time.

The main factor that made me reconsider LASIK was when I fell off while paddle boarding in St Thomas, while I was on my cruise trip in the Caribbean with Beachbody. I am good in swimming laps (with goggles on) but I am very bad in treading water, so you could just imagine me flapping my hands around in the water with my eyes closed as the salty ocean water not only irritates my eyes, but almost moved the contacts off my eyes. Long story short, the paddle board instructor came to the rescue, and I knew then that something needs to be done with my vision (next step is to learn to float and tread properly of course). It is not just for water sports, but for everything else since I am very active and into outdoors. Plus, I think getting LASIK done would be a great early 27th birthday present for me, which is about 2.5 weeks from today.

I did some research online on finding the best place and doctors in the Los Angeles area. After getting some feedbacks and personal recommendation from a friend, I decided to make my consultation visit to see whether I am candidate for LASIK at LA Sight, located by Westwood area in Los Angeles. I didn’t expect much on the first visit as I figured that I would just do an eye exam. The first test was done by Dr Tabanfar who is great and super friendly. And then the main doctor, Dr Wallace came in and reviews the results. Not many people know this, but not every place offers free consultation or has the real doctors to do the testing.

I raised my concerns with Dr Wallace, which he graciously answered all my questions, even the dumb ones. For another 15 min, he managed to convince and assure me that if I decided to proceed with LASIK at LA Sight, I will be given special care. I am not going to lie that one of the big selling point is that he will provide me with valium prior to surgery to ease up my tension 😉 He brought me to talk to Karen, who is the surgery counselor and I had great time talking to her. She told me about the 10th year anniversary promotion that they’re having which enables me to have LASIK for only $1000 per eye! That is more than 50% off! I told her, “Alright, how soon can we do this?!”

On the day of the surgery, after taking the valium, I was taken to a private waiting room with a nice calming water fountain for me to relax. Dr Tabanfar came in later and did some prep cleaning around my eyes. I have to say that this is the most painful time during the whole procedure when she cleaned my eyelids with Iodine – that burns like a mother!

After 30 min, I was ready for the surgery. The technician helped me to lie down comfortably, covered me with a nice warm blanket, and gave me a stuff cow toy for me to squeeze. I laughed out loud and asked whether I really need the toy, which he smiled and said, “Oh, it will help!”

The video above shows a live surgery done at LA Sight on another patient (sorry, mine wasn’t recorded). It looks scary, but honestly, I wouldn’t mind doing it again as it was literally painless. It was really weird seeing everything that was happening to my eye without feeling anything as if I was watching it via a TV screen. Then again, I do have 10 years of experience in touching my eyes with my finger when putting contacts on.

It has been 3 days since the surgery and my vision is getting better and better. The only thing that bugs me is that I am seeing halo around bright lights, which is normal and should go away in the next few days. But other than that, I can’t complain, especially since I can see everything now when I wake up in the morning! No more dorky glasses on irritating contacts!

If you’re close to the Los Angeles area and thinking about getting LASIK done, do it! Just do the free consultation and go from there without making any commitment. Of course, I would highly recommend LA Sight, not only because of the cheap promotions ($1000/eye) that they have, but also for the first class TLC treatment that they provide. Keep in mind that the promotion ends on June 30th so don’t wait too long. Don’t forget to tell them that Nick Husin recommends the place!


p/s: I do not get paid or make commissions for any referrals to LA Sight. I am just a very happy customer who wants to share my experience with the world 🙂




3 Responses to My experience with LASIK at LA Sight

  • your website helped me in my search about lasik

  • How are your eyes now? I’m. scheduled at LA Sight for LASIK in a few weeks. Do you see halos or glare? What was your prescription before? Are you 20/20 or better now?

    • Last time I checked, my vision is 20/15 now which is better than 20/20. I was seeing halos for 3 months after the surgery but then it went ok. But during winter time, my vision got blurry, which I assume due to dry cold weather so I had to use the eye drops.

      Overall, it was great experience with LA Sight and even better feeling not to have to wear contacts or glasses ever! I can rub my eyes now whenever I feel like it without fearing that my contacts would fall off 😉