MIA for 2013? But ready for 2014! Body Beast Classic Competition

About 40 days ago, I posted on my Facebook page that I planned to compete in my 1st physique competition in the Beast Classic during Beachbody Coach Summit 2013. My friends and teammates were excited about the news and were looking forward to seeing me on stage last Wednesday night when the competition took place, but…. WHERE WAS I?

Most of you who have been following my progress the past few years know about my past – I wasn’t born ripped or athletic. In fact, I was ridiculed and bullied most of the time I was growing up, so I always had to deal with low self-esteem. And even today, from time to time, I still doubt my abilities. That skinny, shy, and low self-esteem “Nick” is still somewhere inside me, no matter how hard I work at masking “him” with the new and improved me.

Those who were there for the Beast Classic, told me that I could have easily made it into the top 5. I had been posting my progress photos on Facebook and people knew that I was ready for it. That is correct – my physique was completely ready for it, but was my mind ready as well?

2-3 weeks before the competition, I got the updates from the Classic committee that there was a pre-judging qualifying on Tuesday morning (so in my mind, I knew I’d have to be in Vegas on Monday night so that I could be fully rested and prepared for the pre-judging). Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready to drop everything and rearrange my schedule since I had been planning to be there by Wednesday. But more important, along with the updates, I saw the list of the guys who were registered for the classic. Among the 20+ names, I only recognize 4-5 of them from the Team Beachbody community, while the rest was unknown. I had the feeling that the unfamiliar names were those who were most likely not from the Team Beachbody community, have competed before and not a “virgin” in physique competition like I was. I was OK competing knowing that Classic was just for newbies, but not otherwise. That took me back to my 1st day at the gym. I was a freshman at USC and weighted only 105 pounds (soaking wet), with ZERO knowledge about lifting. I walked into the gym, stood around for 10 minutes, and left feeling totally and utterly intimidated. And even though I knew what I looked like when I looked in the mirror, in my mind, I knew that I would have the same experience if I went ahead with the Classic for this year.

Why did I want to compete in the first place? Honestly, it was just to boost my ego, which is probably not the best goal to do this!

Around the same time (about 2-3 weeks before the competition), I got a call from a close friend who asked me if I could help staff a PSI Basic seminar. I did PSI Basic (a personal development seminar) back in November 2011 and had one of the most amazing experiences of my life: I remember that I was excited, confident, and had sudden and startling clarity in my life, and because of that, I grew my business so fast that I doubled my income within 3 months of the seminar. So I knew that going back to PSI might be the thing that I needed.

So instead of massaging my ego, I decided to improve my mind.

And of course, those 3 days of staffing for PSI, helped me to overcome any doubts about my ability. But at the same time, working on personal development is always an exhausting experience. I was completely drained, and I knew that doing Beast Classic would just be too much.

Knowing what I know now (especially that people believed that I could have placed in the Top 5), do I regret not going ahead with my plans to compete? I’m not going to lie; sure, a little bit. From what I learned from John C Maxwell’s teachings at Summit – you will never be good in something on your first try. I should have competed so that I could have learned from it. It wouldnt have been easy, since I was super drained from the seminar, but I could have easily MAN-IT-UP. But I guess everything happen for a reason. Because of PSI, I have regained my confidence and know that I am ready and raring to go for Beast Classic 2014. And even more importantly, my goal for Classic 2014 is to represent Team Beachbody and show the world (as well as myself) that anyone can get into fitness model shape by using home workout DVDs. That is my true goal this time, and no longer for my ego.

All I need is an accountability partner to push me! Doug is the MAN!

I’m also excited to have an accountability partner this time. Doug Fitzgerald, a leader and founding coach of Team Beachbody has agreed to compete with me. I have always respected Doug since he is a BEAST himself, with amazing physique, but at the same time, he is an amazing leader. We are going to work hard for the next year to represent Team Beachbody.

Would you JOIN US?

You have 1 year to prepare for this. All I ask is that you a complete 90 day full round of Body Beast, and in fact, we should have time to do 3 rounds of Body Beast – 1 round for 90 Days Halloween Challenge (starts August), 1 round for New Year Challenge (1st Monday of 2014) and possibly 1 round right after (should be 1st week of April).

If you can commit, please respond below. You do not have to be in my team/organization. I want to get as many people as possible to commit to Beast Classic 2014 and represent Team Beachbody. Will you be one of those people?






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