Leg Burnout Routine

My buddy, Max, and I went to the gym few days ago and decided to do a hardcore leg workout. So here’s what we did:

1. 4 sets of dumbbells lunges at max reps, with 35-45 lbs each arm

2. 6 sets of back squat around >200 lbs

3. 2 sets of Bench Knee Up squat, 16 reps

4. 2 sets of calf raise at 30 reps each

Altogether, that routine took about 40 min or so and we  did everything fast pace. And then, the ultimate burnout routine….

[box]30 reps of Jack-in-the-Box jumps + 10 sec break + 30 reps of Mary Katherine Lunges + 10 sec break + Front/Back Frog Leap Jump[/box]

If  you’re familiar with the P90X series, you should know the routines already. We were planning to do 2 sets of that, but after 1 set, I was DEAD! I couldnt even completed the Frog Leap Jump! I admit that lower body routine is my weakness.

Check the video of my valiant attempt for the burnout.


And after the workout, I went home and decided to attempt Scorpion Pose, after got inspired from looking at a random photo on Facebook. Not bad for a first attempt.