It’s that TIME of the year again! Get your Beach Body ready for the Summer!

Get Your Summer Beach Body Ready by 4th of July! (with the Santa Monica Beach Workout crew)

Announcing the Summer Challenge starting on 4/9, with about 90 days to the starting of Summer, or 4th of July weekend!

If you’re like many people, you have probably done a few weeks of the Beachbody workouts but soon stopped because of one reason or another, but let’s face it, usually it’s lost focus and a simple lack of commitment. A  challenge might be just the focus you need! Imagine, celebrating this 4th of July weekend by proudly showing off your new Beach Body at the beach or pool party for the great American holiday! Come on, it’ll be a fun way to stay focused and we can look forward to a healthy, hot summer body!

The challenge is simple:

1) Pick a 90 days Beach Body program, commit to the full 90 days. Choose either P90X, P90X2, Les Mills PUMP,  Turbo Fire, or Insanity
2) Eat clean and healthy through out spring
3) Drink Shakeology DAILY
4) Post your accountability on the Facebook Group

Email me directly at if you’re interested to join the challenge.

* Not applicable to those who have an Independent Team beachbody Coach already that is not in the Ripped Republic.