I’m on P90X ad in Esquire Mag, Jan 2011 issue!

From Esquire Magazine, Jan 2011 issue

When Beachbody’s corporate office emailed me few months back to notify that I will be on P90X ads in some magazines, I didn’t realized that I will be the feature story! Click on the picture above to view it larger, or get your copy of Esquire Magazine! I am also on ESPN & Road and Track Magazine for Jan issue as well.

For skinny, dorky guys out there – don’t give up as there is hope after-all! If I can do it, you can do it too! Just DECIDE, COMMIT and you will SUCCEED!

p/s: Man, that is some shiny jeans… what was I thinking? haha



2 Responses to I’m on P90X ad in Esquire Mag, Jan 2011 issue!

  • Nick,

    Looking good man! I like the new blog site! I’m looking into starting a 5×5 program. I’ll be hitting you up for advice.

    Go Team Brawny!

  • Nick, that is awesome that all your hardwork is paying off. I have always checked out the message boards on team brawny. Glad to see you started your own site. Esquire magazine P90X add is impressive. Yeah, those shiny jeans are great! Lol! Keep up the inspiration!!