Hammer and Chisel Workout and Review

Hammer and Chisel is one of the most effective workout plans on the market.

The workout program was created by top personal trainers, Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese. Both trainers have created world-renowned programs for Beachbody, including the 21 Day Fix and Body Beast.

Now the experienced personal trainers have combined their expertise to get you as ripped as possible with Hammer and Chisel. The “Hammer” workouts are led by Kalev and the “Chisel” workouts are led by Calabrese.

The program has all of the cardio and strength building routines that you need to improve your endurance and build muscle. Hammer and Chisel requires 60 rewarding days to complete. At the end, you will be able to pull, lift, and throw more than you ever imagined.

Hammer and Chisel Workouts

Iso Speed Hammer

The Iso Speed Hammer is great total body workout when you are in a time crunch. You effectively burn all of the important muscle groups in only 17 minutes with an additional 4:30 minute warmup and 2 minute cooldown.

The workout includes many of the same exercises that are in the 21 Day Fix, with the addition of a resistance band.

The Iso Speed Hammer Exercises

  • Push-Ups
  • Pull-Ups
  • Static Lunges with Weights
  • Chin Up
  • Side Lateral Raise
  • Sumo Squat
  • Rear Felt / Cross Fly with Band
  • Face Down Incline Curl
  • Elevated Calf Raise
  • Triceps Kickback

Total Body Chisel

The Total Body Chisel is similar to Iso Speed Hammer. The full body workout is 35 minutes that will push you to your limit. You will need weights, and a bench or stability ball.

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The Total Body Chisel is 3 circuits of 3 sets of 3 moves. You will perform 10 reps of each move. The circuit series creates an additional cardio endurance challenge.

The Total Body Chisel Exercises

First Circuit

  • Weighted Squat
  • Flat Bench Press with Legs Up
  • Reverse Parallel Row

Second Circuit

  • Weighted Step-Back Lunge
  • Incline Bench Fly
  • Lying Bench Pullover

Third Circuit

  • Weighted Step Down
  • Incline Dumbbell Curls
  • Bench Dips

Chisel Balance

People often forget to challenge their stability in their workouts. Unfortunately, weak stability can create a plateau. Chisel Balance works your stability to build your small twitch muscles. In doing so, you are able to build the strong body to live your life strongly and confidently.

The Chisel Balance workout consists of 8 rounds of 2 sets. You perform 15 reps of each exercise. There are 30 second breaks between sets.

Chisel Balance Exercises

  • 1 Leg Squat Sit on Bench
  • 1 Leg Bridge Pullover
  • 1 Leg Squat Deadlift
  • Up-Down on Bench
  • Split Squat Jump
  • Renegade Row Leg Lift
  • 1 Arm Press Bridge
  • Balance Row Pistol Squat

Hammer Plyometrics

In every great workout routine, you need to build your endurance. Hammer Plyometrics is Hammer and Chisel’s fat burning cardio workout. Kalev uses jumping moves in a compound set to work your fast-twitch muscles and develop speed.

Hammer Plyometrics only requires 25 minutes to build your endurance. You begin with a 5 minute warm-up. The primary workout is 18 minutes and the cooldown is 2 minutes. There are 2 rounds of 9 moves each. Each move is 30 seconds each.

Hammer Plyometrics Exercise

  • Vertical Jump
  • Burpee Pullup (wide front variation)
  • Legs In and Out with Bench
  • Ploy Push-Up Taps
  • Crazy horse with bench
  • Chin-up crunch squat jump
  • Knee Driver
  • Sumo Tuck Jump
  • Lunge squat

Iso Strength Chisel

Isometrics can be extremely effective with muscle conditioning and growth. Iso Strength Chisel uses the same challenging Hammer Plyometrics techniques. The workout is 30 minutes of intense exercise with a 4:30 minute warm up and 30 second cool down. There are 11 rounds of 8 unique moves.

Iso Strength Chisel Exercises

  • Weighted Sumo Squat
  • Weighted Split Squat
  • Pull-Ups
  • Weighted Step-Up
  • Side Hold
  • 1 Arm Row
  • Weighted Sit-Up
  • Lateral Raise

10 Minute Ab Hammer

You can’t build a stronger body without strong abs. The 10 Minute Ab Hammer is a vigorous ab routine without breaks. In 10 minutes, you can burn out your core, lower back, and abs.

The 10 Minute Ab Hammer is 9 rounds of ab exercises. Each exercise is 60 seconds long.

10 Minute Ab Hammer Exercises

  • C-Sit Tap
  • Forearm Run
  • Up-Down Reach
  • Oblique Crunch Twist
  • Side Plank Wing
  • Windshield Wiper
  • Hammer Run

Max Hammer Strength

Kalev pushes you to your max with Max Hammer Strength. This workout is the ULTIMATE Hammer workout. You begin at pre-fatigue and end at muscle failure.

Max Hammer Strength conquers all strength routines in only 36 minutes. You perform 4:30 minutes of warmup, 29 minutes of active workout, and 2:30 minutes of cooldown. You will be pushing your body for 12 rounds of 2 sets per round. Each exercise is performed for 60 seconds.

Max Hammer Strength Exercises

  • Reverse Lunge with Body Weight
  • Reverse Lunge with Heavy Weight
  • Push-Up Body Weight
  • Bench Press Heavy Weight
  • Squat Body Weight
  • Shoulder Squat Heavy Weight
  • Pull-Up Body Weight
  • Dumbbell Pullover Heavy Weight
  • Good Morning Body Weight
  • Stiff Leg Deadlift Heavy Weight
  • Chin-up Body Weight
  • 1-Arm Row Heavy Weight
  • Stay Low Sumo Body Weight
  • Sumo Squat Heavy Weight
  • Band Military Press
  • Military Press Heavy Weight
  • Split Squat Body Weight
  • Step Up Heavy Weight
  • Split Squat Body Weight
  • Step-Up Heavy Weight
  • Ledge Calf Raise Body Weight
  • Calf Raise Heavy Weight

Chisel Agility

A weighted cardio routine can be one of the most efficient methods to burn fat. You increase your heart rate and build muscle. The Chisel Agility is one of the most efficient cardio routines on the market as a full body weighted cardio workout.

Chisel Agility is 38 minutes. You perform 2 rounds of 10 moves. Each exercise is 60 seconds.

Chisel Agility Exercises

  • High Knee Forward/Wide Back
  • Plank X Tap
  • Grapevine Shuffle
  • Lateral Squat Hop
  • Multidirectional Lunge
  • Rotating Squat Jump
  • Skater Triangle
  • Diagonal Jump Lunge
  • Circle In and Out
  • Directional Squat Jump

10 Minute Ab Chisel

Kalev can’t have a killer ab routine without Calabrese having one also! Hers is just as tough.

The 10 Minute Ab Chisel focuses on plank work to improve your stabilization and engagement. If you do the 10 Minute Ab Chisel right, then you can sculpt your midsection, while strengthening your core and lower back. Each ab exercise is performed for 60 seconds.

10 Minute Ab Chisel Exercises

  • Forearm Plank
  • Seated Rainbow
  • Forearm Plank Cross
  • Unicorn
  • Bird Dog Crunch
  • C-Sit Scissor
  • Side Arm Twist

There are many more workouts in the Hammer and Chisel series to keep you engaged. Kalev and Calabrese don’t let boredom be an excuse from not finishing the program. The videos are in varying sequence throughout the Hammer and Chisel schedule.

More Hammer and Chisel Workouts

  • Chisel Cardio
  • Total Body Hammer
  • 15 minute Glute Chisel
  • Hammer Conditioning
  • 15 Minute Leg Hammer
  • Chisel Endurance
  • Hammer Build Up
  • Power Chisel
  • Hammer Power
  • Master’s Cardio

Hammer and Chisel is one of the few full body workouts that successfully target each muscle group. I slimmed down where I wanted to. I built muscle where it counts. If you are looking to get into great shape fast then Hammer and Chisel could be the perfect workout for you. Also, check out The Hammer & Chisel Nutrition Plan or sign up for our next challenge!



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