Extreme Abs Workout

Work that Abs!

Whether you’re doing P90X, Insanity or RevAbs, at some point, you want to spice up your abs routines to make your abs pop out even more. I cannot think of anything else, other than incorporating core gymnastics workout into your routine.

I am not an expert in gymnastics, but I have spent the past couple of years learning new tricks from amateur and pro gymnasts that frequent the Santa Monica Muscle Beach. Together with my friend, Seweryn, and inspired by Tony Horton’s beach workout, we created an intense abs routine (see video below). This routine is not for beginners.

How would you know whether you are ready to do this routine? If you are doing P90X and could do Abs Ripper X in good form for 20-25 reps with ankle weights, then you’re ready. If you’re doing other workout programs, like Insanity or RevAbs, the moment you could keep up with the video, you are more likely  ready to attempt this.

The routine should take you a good 40-60 min of workout. I do not recommend working on other body parts too intensely prior to or after doing this abs routine. If you have to do some weight lifting that day, give yourself at least 2-3 hours between the two workout.

Good luck and let me know how it goes if you attempt this routine!




2 Responses to Extreme Abs Workout

  • Nick, first off hope you enjoy the holidays!! That video is crazy! I wanted to ask you if you take any pre-workout supplement, if so which one? What type of creatine if any are you taking? I check out your site for info everyday, so keep the posts coming. Thanks, Pier

    • I take SuperPump250 before working out but not everyone likes the products, since it could make you diuretic and go to bathroom a lot to do #2! That doesn’t happen to me, but it depends a lot on each individual and what his diet.

      You could also check out Jack3d, but it’s mostly a caffein drink, and no nitric oxide. Ive heard many great things about, but I’m a nitric oxide guy, not caffein 😉