“Dear Nick”……

Since the holidays are fast approaching, I’d like to open up the floor for any questions that you have on fitness, health, nutrition, or anything that you think I can help you with. Now is the time to ask me anything, regardless of whether your question will require a simple “yes” or “no” answer or a three page response. Email your questions to me at: rippedlikenick@gmail.com with the title “Dear Nick“.

I’ll be answering your questions on my blog throughout the month of December, and don’t worry — your names will not be revealed, but do tell me the screenname or alias that you’d like to use.

If the response is good, then I might make this into a monthly segment starting in 2012.

ANYONE is welcome to ask me any questions regardless of your position, location, age, gender, etc.



2 Responses to “Dear Nick”……

  • Hi Nick,

    First off I just have to say what a great site you have here. I have read and more importantly learned alot, thank you!

    I love P90X and I’m into my third round here. My questions has to do with sleep. One of your post talked about the importance of getting 8 hrs sleep. This for me is really hard to do Mon-Fri, actually it is impossible. I usually get 6 hrs of sleep during the week as I am working out at about 9pm. So after working out, cooling down, and eating and drinking a little I am in bed by midnight and up for work at 6. Is this adequate? Or am I wasting time by not allowing my body the 8 hrs of rest? I have even worked the P90X schedule around so that my day off falls in the middle of the week to try and help. I was even thinking of doing a work out one day then take the next day off routine, do you think this would help?

    Any suggestions?