“Dear Nick” of 12-15-11

Famous Nick: St Nicholas

Dear Nick is a segment, which ANYONE is welcome to ask me any questions regardless of your position, location, age, gender, etc. Now is the time to ask me ANYTHING, regardless of whether your question will require a simple “yes” or “no” answer or a three page response. Email your questions to me at: rippedlikenick@gmail.com with the title “Dear Nick“. Include the screenname or alias that you’d like to use.


Dear Nick,

I wanted to ask you about your opinion on after workout drinks. Necessary? Which is best? A mixture of supplements? Where does the P90X recovery drink fall into what you take? Is there something better? And do you take Amino Acids?

Thanks Nick!
~ Elizabeth H.

Hi Elizabeth,

I have tried few post workout drinks out there such as MuscleTech and Endurox, but when I converted to the P90X Recovery Formula in 2009, (around my 2nd round of P90X), that is when I noticed major difference in muscle soreness, or lack-off. I do believe that it’s the 4:1 carb-protein ratio along with essential vitamins that help me and others to get even better results with our workout.

What I do is I drink P90X Recovery Formula right after workout and usually wait 30 min or so and then consume Shakeology + Almond Milk. I found that this formula works best for me to reduce soreness and to improve strength.

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Dear Nick,

First off I just have to say what a great site you have here. I have read and more importantly learned alot, thank you!
I love P90X and I’m into my third round here. My questions has to do with sleep. One of your post talked about the importance of getting 8 hrs sleep. This for me is really hard to do Mon-Fri, actually it is impossible. I usually get 6 hrs of sleep during the week as I am working out at about 9pm. So after working out, cooling down, and eating and drinking a little I am in bed by midnight and up for work at 6. Is this adequate? Or am I wasting time by not allowing my body the 8 hrs of rest? I have even worked the P90X schedule around so that my day off falls in the middle of the week to try and help. I was even thinking of doing a work out one day then take the next day off routine, do you think this would help?
Any suggestions?

~Paul G.

Hi Paul,

Sleep is very crucial for everyone, especially those who are doing an intense routine. Muscle building takes place when you’re sleeping and at the same time, you’re burning a lot of bodyfat, since the process requires a lot of energy (average person burns about 1 cal of fat every min while sleeping and of course more if that person does intense workout on regular basis).That is why those who are lacking in sleep tend to plateau fast and get overtrain fairly easily.

Why do you workout at 9 pm? You go to work at 6 am, so shouldn’t you get home soon enough? Are you resting between coming back home to working out? Perhaps a better option for you is to do the workout first thing in the morning before you go to work. So wake up at 5 am, do your workout and then get ready for work. That way, you can take the rest of the evening relaxing after work.

It doesn’t matter when you take your rest day, but it is recommended to take your rest day when you’re fully rested and can sleep-in, which is usually during the weekend. If you like to have your rest day on Sunday, then you can either just take 2-3 days of rest and sleep more (which what I would recommend anyway since you’ve been depriving your body from proper resting) and start back your workout schedule either on Sun or Monday.

Also, been there, done that. I was working as a full time Electrical Engineer and doing coaching full time in 2010; I had around 5-6 hours of sleep daily. I owe it to Shakeology as I believe the superfood in it helps me to recover much faster and I do not need to sleep as much.

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Dear Nick,

How can I get more muscle and tone my legs? I have chicken legs.


Hi Trasher2k5,

I’m not much an expert in lower body development. But one thing for sure, is that I saw big improvement on my leg size when I start doing leg workout 2x per week. I do just one day of Plyo/explosive jump movements, while 2-3 days later, I do heavy leg lifting such as Back Squat, Leg Curl etc.


Dear Nick,

whats going on? i wanted to give u an update of what happened with my injury and ask u a question.
i ended up taking 2 weeks off (with a few x stretch and whatever yoga i could do – and one day of core syn. (but core was bad idea) ) because i pulled a rib in my back.
in any case i started phase 2 this past sunday. -bit charley horse- but now im holding by kenpo x for tommorow and i think that is what hurt my back and my back is still tender – even though none of the other workouts are bothering it thank g-d but im scared if i do kenpo itll trigger it –

so what do u recommend i do tommorow (friday) instead of kenpo? maybe cardio x? or anything else?



Hmmm…. It is better for you to fully recover before attempting any intense workout. I recommend that you check out Yoga instead of doing Kenpo. If somehow you can get hold of Tai-Chi class, then go for it. Doing a slow and balance workout can be therapeutic for you and help to heal your injury faster.


Dear Nick,

Considering I am going for size when it comes to weights, do I do 16 reps when Tony says that EVERYBODY needs to be doing 16 reps, or do I stick with struggling to get to 8 reps with heavier weights?

~Andy Pate

Hi Andy,

During my first round of two of P90X, I was hesitant to do high reps routine and keep doing 8-10 reps. But by my 3rd round, I put aside my ego and following the routine as it is. When Im supposed to do 16 reps, I’d do 16 reps. I found that I got better pump on my arms.

Later, I read that it is good to have variable of reps in your workout, vs doing everything at low reps. As we all know, P90X works as it is, and more reason why you should follow the big man Horton’s advice 😉


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