Day 4 of P90X2 Review (Total Body & ARX2) & Before Pictures!

Since I missed yesterday’s workout, (due to time constraints), today’s going to be a double:  X2 Total Body & X2 Ab Ripper workout this morning and  X2 Yoga later tonight before bedtime (which will be great because Yoga will relax me and makes falling asleep so much easier).

As the name sounds, Total Body  worked on every part of my body – chest, back, shoulder, bi, tri, and legs. Some of the movements are great while others, I’m not so much a fan.

  1. 1 Arm Chest Press: finally! We’re doing a real chest press with Tony Horton and not just pushups anymore! This routine requires you to do the press on a Swiss Ball, which means that you cannot lift as heavy as you normally would, and you work more on your core. I do think that this is still great as it works on your “WOW” muscles – pecs and abs. Unless you’re planning to get a D-cup pecs, no need to bench press 300 lbs with a barbell!
  2. Crunchy Lever Pullup: the mother of all evil…. well sorta. You’re working on your core and your back at the same time.  I will rate this a 10 for a great muscle pumping routine.
  3. Pushup Side Arm-Balance: Talk about working on the core while also working on the chest! You do need an uber strong core to do this routine
  1. Boing pushups: I am a very sweaty guy, which is why I have to wear workout gloves at all times. The Swiss ball can get very slippery and even with a towel on, it can be hard to do a Plyo Pushups on a Swiss Ball. So I switched to the modification routine which is  Plyo Clap pushups on the floor.
  2. Swimmer’s Curl Press in 1/2 Chair: this is such a BAD routine if you have lower back issues. I still got the same results by sitting on a Swiss Ball.

As for the X2 Ab Ripper, I like all the routines as they work more)towards core engagement than P90X ARX. I’ve heard feedback from others that X2 Ab Ripper is not as tough as P90X ARX, but I have to disagree. The original ARX involves a lot of upper body swinging, which means that you’re cheating on your abs workout, while X2 Ab Ripper routines are mostly done using a slow and controlled motion. If you engage your core and concentrate on form, Ab Ripper X2 is more intense than the original.   I can see that Tony Horton has been influenced by gymnastics core workout when designing X2 Ab Ripper; you have to respect gymnasts for that!

And finally, my ‘before’ pictures (Week 1 picture) of P90X2





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  • Hey Nick, how long has it been since you first started P90X?

    • I started in Summer 2008, so it has been 3.5 years now. But before that, I did few years of Power 90

  • Ooh yeah i forgot to say, i made my beach body profile through this website and i approved you as my beach body coach.. thanks agian

  • Hey Nick what’s up bro..? just wanted to let you know that im ready to make my body transformation and live a healthier and better life with the body of my dreams, Just like you bro!!! just got the p90x workout not to long ago cant wait to start using it. But first i want to make sure i know what im doing before i start, soo im just hoping i could get some help form you along the way to let me know how to start and what i need to do or get for supps and nutrition for my body goal.. on my beach body profile i have a pic i just took recently of my body maybe that could help you figure out what i need to do to get that body like yours (Athletic, ripped with a muscular definition) thanks and hope you can help me out coach.. 🙂