Day 30 of P90X in 2011 Results

I began with my 10th round of P90X on 1/3/2011 after all the shenanigans during the holidays. Overall, not much has changed other than my midsection is getting tighter and my abs looks more cut than 30 days ago. For the first 30 days, I just did the pushups and pullups portion with 23.5 lbs weight vest. Now, with Phase 2, I’m adding weights and the vest is about 30 lbs now. I guess we will wait and see how I do on my Day 60, which should be close to my cruise trip in the Caribbean with Beachbody (I am still planning to do P90X while on the cruise, hoping that there will be weight room on the ship)

Day 1 vs Day 30 Flex

Day 1 vs Day 30 Side Pose

Day 1 vs Day 30 Front Pose



2 Responses to Day 30 of P90X in 2011 Results

  • I am really trying to get motivated to start day one of phase one! I bought everything just haven’t started!

    • Well buddy, you just need to push yourself. If you keep putting it off, before you know it, 2-3 years has passed. You’d be surprised how fast time flew by. Trust me, the hardest part is to insert the DVD into the player and push play. Once you’ve done that, following the video would be easy.