Day 2 P90X2 Review

Last night, I had the opportunity to workout in a group during the Santa Monica Fit Club at the Beachbody Corporate office, doing the 2nd workout in the Foundation Phase program – Plyocide. The name itself is very intimidating but the workout itself is not nearly as crazy as it sounds!

Unlike Plyometrics in P90X, Plyocide involves less jumping so there’s less impact on your knees or joints. However, almost all the routines are  made up of explosive movements and stimulate your lower body muscles effectively so that you’ll perform better in sports. As usual, we started doing the warm up using the foam roller, which is super amazing and then eased into the workout. I did okay the first half of the workout, but unfortunately, my lower back started to act up (I’ve had lower back problems the past few years now) and so I had to take a break.

But instead of taking a break, I took the foam roller and rolled out my lower back around it, massaging my back just where it needed. And then before I went to bed last night, I did spent an extra 10-15 min again massaging my lower back with the foam roller. Normally, when my back starts to act up, I’m sore  for the next few days, but I didnt feel any pain at all when I woke up this morning. So obviously, the foam roller works! No need to pay extra cash to get a deep tissue massage if you have a foam roller!

Whether you’re doing Plyocide, Plyometrics, or any other workout, (even non Beachbody workouts), you can always break out your foam roller if you have issues with your joints or muscles. It will change you!

You can find my proposed P90X2 schedule here

Massaging the back with foam roller