Day 1 of P90X2 Review

So last night was the day I started my first round of X2. I was planning to start first thing in the morning but things kept piling up that I had to postpone it and alas, I didn’t manage to push play till 9 pm! Somehow my first day of X2 was no different than my Day 1 of P90X nearly 3 years ago when I put off starting THAT one until the end of that day as well…:-)

Overall, I think X2 is a great core workout. It might not be as extreme as my own Abs Routine as the abs and obliques aren’t emphasized that much, but the whole core and as well as stability muscles that I’ve never worked before were being pushed to their limits! The first 10-20 min went really well with minimal stumbling but as I went further into it, I got more tired and sloppy with my workout. My shirt was drenched with sweat and so were my palms (despite the gloves that I wore), which made certain moves on the Swiss Ball really tough! My worst move would be doing burpees on one foot with a Swiss Ball – yeah, imagine doing the pushups portion on the Swiss Ball with 1 foot hanging in the air!

What I really like about X2 is the presence of the foam roller during all warm up routines.. That thing is a gift from God for sore cramped muscles! I tried some of the X2 mobility moves last week and that helped to loosen the knots from my traps and back. It was a painful experience at first but at the end, it felt good. I feel that my flexibility and strength has improved slightly by working on with the foam roller the past few days.

Plyocide is scheduled for tonight and I’ll  be working out with a group at the Santa Monica Fit Club. Looking forward to that!