The 30 Day Cutting Challenge


cuttingdietchallengeSo you have a little or some muscle mass already – you’re not a complete gym newbie and have worked out before. But, you are still aiming for the chiseled lean look like the fitness male models you see on health/fitness magazine. How can you get there? Good news is, the fact that you already have lean muscle mass, it is easier and faster to show them off, by cutting down your bodyfat % vs starting really lean with very little muscle mass. The leaner you are, the more defined your muscles will look, and thus give you the illusion of being bigger and “jacked”.

People are always surprised to learn that my weight is around 165 lbs (at 5-ish % bodyfat), when everyone usually guessed around 180 lbs.

Therefore, I’m announcing my 30 Day Cutting Challenge #Rippedin30 that starts on 6/20 for Group 1, and 6/27 for Group 2. Learn how the pros prepare for bodybuilding competition by doing the carb-depletion cutting diet. You will have 30 days to work on your cutting diet, while doing the right workout, with the hope that you will still be able to maintain and/or grow muscle mass. This challenge is perfect for you to get ready for summer!

You can also read more on how I do my online ripped challenge here:

How Does The Cutting Diet Work?
10513326_10102437565021985_5840719905083409390_nIn 30 Days, you will be following a strict diet guidelines. You will need to prep your meals and set them up in containers to ensure that you will hit the right macro-ratios. You can also use a portion control approach if you hate weighing and measuring your food every single time. Since this challenge is only 4 weeks long, cheat meals are highly discouraged (with the exception of July 4th). No alcohol, no soda, no juice, but just straight plain water. I will give you the full details once you’re committed to do the challenge.


What Workout Will I Be Doing?
You will be doing a condensed version of Body Beast & Beast Up. To get the Beast Up videos, you do need to be a Club Member with Beachbody on Demand (BOD) so that you will have access to the streaming videos. Also, for those who do not have Body Beast DVD, this is great for you as well, because you can access those videos + 400 other workout videos as well, along with other popular Beachbody workout programs like P90X, Insanity, Turbo Jam, 21 Day Fix, etc . BOD app is available on Apple TV (latest model), Roku, and also Firestick/Fire TV.



What Do I Need To Join The Challenge?
Apart from your commitment to eat lean prepped food for 30 days, and working out with Body Beast + Beast Up, I’d highly encourage you to take Shakeology as well. This superfood supplement that is dense with nutrients, is the thing that has helped me tremendously to function properly without being lethargic when I was doing the cutting diet. Read more about Shakeology here.

Will I Lose Any Muscle Mass?
It is normal to lose a little bit of muscle mass when you’re leaning down. However, this can be avoided, by working closely with your diet, and keeping up with your strength training. Do not worry much about your measurements! Keep in mind that there is fat later on top of your muscles, and as you’re leaning down, you might think that your muscles are shrinking, but in reality, it is just your fat layer that is disappearing. From my personal experience, people have told me that I looked “bigger” at lower bf% despite the measurements didnt change at all or got lower.

Where Can I Purchase The Items Needed?
You can get BOD access + Shakeology for $140. Buy it here.
To buy only Shakeology, click here.

How To Join The Challenge?:
You can do that by simply filling the form below:





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