Caribbean Cruise Recap: How I Lost 8 lbs and Dropped to 3.8% Bodyfat!

The ship is that way!

Catchy title huh? Most people gain weight on a cruise, but not this guy 😉

I have barely blogged in March since I got really busy in preparing for the 1 week cruise trip in the Caribbean, and had to make sure that I settled important things like bills and what-not before I left the country. Those who didn’t know, the cruise was part of the Beachbody Success Club trip, which is paid by Beachbody. The ship that we were on was called Oasis of the Sea, which is I think is the biggest cruise ship in the world.

I have never been on a cruise before, so I did not know what to expect. From what I heard, Oasis of the Sea is one of the nicest and most luxurious cruise ships out there. I have to say that I was very impressive with the design and look inside the ship. Step inside, and you cannot tell whether you are actually in a cruise ship or a typical shopping malls in Beverly Hills. Not to mention that there is a garden/park on the ship as well!


How I lost 8 lbs And Got Super Ripped

Inside the ship, looks like a mall!

Lets get straight to the point since I am sure most of you are keen to know how I got a bodyfat that low on the ship. Simple – I just threw up, multiple times…….. in fact, for 2 days! Not on purpose, but it was either motion sickness or food poisoning.

We arrived at Nassau, Bahamas on Day 2, and I went sight-seeing on the island, nothing special. By the time I got back to the ship, it was too late to get the buffet lunch, so my friend and I went to Johnny Rocket Restaurant, inside the ship. I ordered a tuna melt along with fries, and there was something taste wicked with the sandwich. I only had 2-3 bites and couldn’t take it more.

Of course, a couple of hours after that, I started feeling nauseous and had bad stomachache. The ship was rocking somewhat heavily for something that big. I had the feeling that I might had gotten food poisoning and not wanting to have my body digesting the bad food, I decided to throw up. Yeah, that felt good, but I broke the seal. Few hours later, I kept throwing up and was in bed most of the time.

The next day, I went to see the doctor on the ship, got a shot on my ‘tuchus’ and got slapped with medical bill of $75. Not bad at all considering the shot did the trick and I stop feeling nauseous, but however the stomachache continued. The doc refused the idea of food poisoning since I only threw up and did not have any diarrhea, but of course he spoke to soon. The stomachache continues for the next few days. You got the picture.

Not until Day 5 out of the cruise that I felt better. So in a way, half of my vacation time was spent in bed and in the bathroom. Even though I felt better, I did not have much appetite and did not eat much on the trip. I did however continue working out and attempting to lift heavy at the gym on the ship, but of course my I lost some of my strength.

Maybe due to the continuous workout on the ship, I managed to maintain most of my muscle mass.  When I got home, I measured my weight and was shocked to see that I was weighing at 150.5 lbs! I have the Omron bodyfat monitor and measure my bodyfat % which gave the result of 3.8%! I know that the bodyfat monitor is not the most accurate tool to measure bodyfat, but I have tested it many times before and it correlates fairly close to caliper measurements. My bodyfat %  is usually somewhere between 5-ish % and I have never gotten below 4%, until now.

But I have to say that, after I have recovered from the sickness, I did notice that my abs was looking fantastic! Even the past few days after gotten back home, few people have told me that I look more cut and tanned. Of course being at 3.8% is not at all healthy as I could easily injure myself during workout. Competitive bodybuilders do have a bodyfat% if around 3-4% during competition, but most only got down that low for 1-2 days only. Having a 3-4% bodyfat for a long period of time is not healthy at all. So the past few days, I have been pumping my body with a high fat diet instead. I will not measure my weight or bodyfat until the starting of my next round of P90X, which will be my 11th round, that starts on 4/4/2011.

The cruise trip was not all that bad. I did have fun, especially on the flow rider. I will post the story and videos next time!