Body Beast Review: Day 60 Results


In mid-June, I noticed  that I was hitting a plateau and was overtrained because I was eating around 2500 cal/day. That led to 2 weeks of bulking mode to prepare for Beast, which I started the first week of July. Then, in mid-August, I had to postpone my workout progress because of my trip to Asia, which set me back basically by a month.

So, it is only fair for me to say that the last day of September was around my Day 60. Well, enough with the details, so here’s the results:

Pre- Beast
Day 60

155 lbs

165 lbs









15 3/8″





Overall, I am happy with the progress since I am seeing a significant increase in SIZE and more important STRENGTH!  I am very PLEASED with the progress of my arms, since I haven’t been able to increase their size since college. The only thing that I dislike is the fact that my waist is getting bigger and my abs aren’t as defined as before, but I am sure the cutting phase the next 30 days will help.

For the supplements, I’ve been taking E&E as a pre-workout drink along with 2 capsules of Super Suma, usually about 30 min before my workout. Then, right after my workout, my post shake consists of Fuel Shot + Base Shake + MAX creatine. And usually about 30 min after that, I have Shakeology, which is considered as my breakfast, along with either oatmeal or some toast.

If you’re looking for similar results, I’d highly recommend you follow the instructions and take the recommended Beast supplement stack.

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Body Beast Day 60 Results for Nick Husin