Body Beast + P90X Hybrid for Summer Challenge

Started my Summer Challenge – 90 Days to 4th of July – just a couple of days ago. I’ve done 2 rounds of Body Beast so far; while loving the program, I do miss the good ol’ calisthenics routines in P90X.  So I figured, why not combine them both?

So for the Block 1, the routines are heavily based on P90X, while on Block 2, the routines are from Body Beast.

Block 1 (Week 1-3)

Mon: X2 Chest/Back/Balance….. or the good ol P90X Chest/Back + ARX
Tues: Body Beast Build Legs
Wed: P90X Shoulders & Arms + ARX
Thur: Yoga
Fri: 5×5 bench press + back squat + T-row + Shoulders
Sat: Swimming + 45 min of Core Abs

Block 2 (Week 4-10)  Body Beast

Mon: Bulk Chest
Tue: Bulk Leg
Wed: Bulk Back
Thur: Bulk Arms
Fri: Yoga + 45 min Core Abs
Sat: Swimming + Bulk Shoulders

Block 3 (week 10-13)


Day 1. Body Beast/P90X Hybrid

Something to consider –
Goal = SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-targeted).

If you decide to start your journey in transforming your body, it is crucial for you to measure your progress. Taking a picture along with measurements are crucial so that you have something to compare to every 30 days.

My info:
Day 1
Weight: 158 lbs (lost almost 4 lbs from the end of Round 2 due to stomach flu)
Bf%: unknown but guessing around 7-ish %
Arms: 15 1/4″
Chest: 42″
Waist: 31″