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The typical thing to do is to wait until after the New Year to start a new workout regimen.  But why wait then when you can start now? Although we will have Christmas and then the New Year’s Eve celebration in a couple of weeks, that shouldn’t stop anyone who is serious enough to start a workout regimen.

Since I’ve done and have gotten great results with both P90X & Body Beast, I am looking for those who are willing to commit to do a challenge. But what is a Challenge Group?

– You do everything at home, on your time and your schedule. No in-person meetings or group workouts.
– Group interaction is all done on a secret Facebook group DAILY, so you can post along with the team each day.
– There is only 5 people per group, so I will group you with like-minded people.
– I will mentor and give you support on the group. You will hear personally from me if I do not see your posts.
– Be a  team-player and help your team to get the best results

The Challenge Group begins 12/10, so it is crucial to get the your orders in (if you do not have the products yet) the soonest possible. I am only looking for those who want to get results like in the infomercial – you know, the drastic 90 day before-after. That can only be achieved with proper supplements and nutrition, and from my very own experience, following the recommended plans work well for me.

Keep in mind, if you’re committing to the challenge group, the rest of the team will RELY on you as well. If you quit, everyone else will be more likely to slack and quit as well. Everyone will feed on each other’s energy in the challenge group.

But what’s so special about this Challenge Group?

As an incentive, I will give a cash rebate to those who are committing to the Challenge Packs – buying the workout program with the supplements.

Body Beast Challenge Pack – $75 cash rebate
P90X Challenge Pack – $50 cash rebate
Insanity Asylum Challenge Pack – $25 cash rebate
Shakeology Autoship – $20 cash rebate

* The rebate is on top of the current discounts, so even more savings!

(click on the link above to order)

Purchasing the Challenge Pack makes more sense since you will get FREE shipping, plus save between $40 when compared to buying the workout program and supplements separately

* Please keep in mind that you do need to purchase those items at full price. The rebate will be given by me once the purchase is complete
* The incentive only applies to those who are committing to either Body Beast or the P90X Challenge Group.
* Incentives valid on orders that are made through me by the midnight EST of 11/30/12 – that’s 9 pm PST

Please contact me at if you have any questions or post below under the comment section.

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