Body Beast Equipment

It seems there are tons of questions regarding the equipment used with Body Beast. After reviewing  some of the workout videos, here is my “must have” equipment list that will help you maximize your results:  (If you don’t have Body Beast yet, you can see my review and buy it here).

1. Variety of weights – dumbbells

Body Beast Equipment - Dumbbells

Your arms can only grow so big if all you’re lifting is 20 lbs.  While Body Beast exercises have a rep range going from 8 to 15 , I do believe that if you’re already fit, you’re probably going to need to get weights from 5 – 50 lbs, or better yet, go all the way to 100 lbs for long term use. I’m sure if you keep working out on Beast Mode, you will pump that 100 lbs in no time 🙂

There are a large variety of weights you can get, ranging from hex dumbbells to adjustable dumbbells like Bowflex Selectech and PowerBlock. The hex or individual dumbbells can take up a lot of space and can be very pricey at the end if you [since you need to] buy each weights individually. Personally, I think it is more economical to go with the adjustable dumbbells as they’re cheaper in the long run and save space. My choice would be the Power Block, because it is compact and very sturdy. Then again, you do have the old school screw in dumbbells that are cheaper but can take time to adjust the weights.

Body Beast Equipment Body Beast Equipment Body Beast Equipment

2. Adjustable Bench

Body Beast Equipment - Bench

There are many press routines that require you to be either in seated position, in an incline or laying flat on the bench. So to help you get the most out of your workout, I’d recommend investing in a good sturdy adjustable bench. The most common bench that is used in home gym is the Bowflex bench because of its lower price. However, if you really want to get a long lasting bench, I believe Magnum brand is the one that that is most commonly seen at commercial gyms.

OPTION: Without the bench, you can always resort to getting a Swiss Ball. However, in my opinion, if your main goal is to gain mass, which it probably is if you’re doing Body Beast, you need to lift big and having a stable and sturdy bench will help you to lift heavier and comfortably.

Body Beast Equipment Body Beast Equipment Body Beast Equipment

3. EZ- Bar / Barbell

Body Beast Equipment - EZ BarAny Barbell will do but I’ve always been a big fan of EZ-bar since the angles on the bar helps with the holding position. A straight barbell will still do the trick, especially if you already have your equipment from Les Mills Pump. I’d recommend to just get the EZ-bar 🙂

OPTION: Without the EZ-bar, you can always just use regular dumbbells. Again, if your main goal is to gain mass, you’d need to get the EZ-bar so that you can lift heavier and stimulate your muscles more.

Body Beast Equipment Body Beast Equipment Body Beast Equipment

4. Pullup Bar

Body Beast Equipment - Pull-up barJust like in P90X, you wont be able to have the sculpted V-shape torso without doing the pullup. Since there are variety of pulls need to be performed like chin up, pullup, etc, you’d need a good pullup bar that have multiple holding position. The best one in the market is the one that you can just stick on the door like the Beachbody pullup bar. If your living area does not have any doors with frame, then you can always resort to a stand-alone pullup stand, which is slightly pricey and takes some space.

OPTION: You can always use resistance bands to mimic a pullup motion.  Again, if your main goal is to gain mass, you’d need to do real pullup.

Body Beast Equipment

Also, keep in mind that you can always do Body Beast at your favorite local commercial gym or hotel gym when you’re travelling. With the commercial gym, there are many equipment you can use to modify and intensify your routines such as using a barbell bench press, chest fly machine, etc.

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Body Beast Equipment



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  • I want to order the body beast program, but I can’t afford to spent $500 on equipment. can you help me to find it cheaper? Thank You So Much.