Body Beast Day 90 Results

Just a quick overview of my results with Body Beast:

Pre Beast

Day 30

Day 60

Day 90


155 lbs

160 lbs

165 lbs



41 ½”


42 ¾”

42 ¾”


30 ½”

30 ½”

31 ½”

30 ¼”



15 1/8”

15 3/8”

15 ½”







Body Beast Final Review

Overall, I do think that this is the best program on the market (in a DVD format) to gain mass. I am sure that Body Beast cannot beat hiring a professional bodybuilder to train you to gain mass, but this is the next best thing as it is cheaper, more convenient (since you can do it at home, or at the gym at anytime), and you can get unlimited support from the Team Beachbody community –  from those who have done the program. Because of the pure weight training regimen, lack of cardio, and detailed bulking diet plan, it is inevitable not to gain lean mass with Body Beast and even more effective to reach that goal than P90X. (Just to be clear, P90X is still a great program for overall performance).

Just keep in mind, in order to gain mass and strength, you need to lift at high intensity, which always relates to how heavy you lift and the number of repetitions. Therefore, having the right Body Beast equipment is crucial to getting the optimal result. While setting up your home gym with the proper equipment can be pricey, a cheaper option is to do the program at the gym.

For those who still have a lot of excess weight to shed (more than 20% bodyfat), there is a Lean Beast version that has more cardio and a separate diet plan. Some tweaking and modification can be done – like adding more cardio, MMA, swimming, and HIIT – in order to get the final lean and ripped look.

Day 90 photo:

Body Beast 90 Days Photo



Updated Transformation (as of Oct 2012)

P90x and Body Beast Progression Photos of Nick Husin

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