Body Beast Bulk Shoulder Workout & Review

For most of us, our shoulders are the most moveable but unstable joint in our bodies. This is often because working your shoulders can be difficult to target, leading many to overworking their arms. The Body Beast Bulk Shoulders workout uses tested exercises to sculpt your shoulders and create prevailing results. Strong shoulders are the foundation of your back and arm muscles, and can create a lean, mean, powerful upper body. And more.

Warm Up

The Body Beast Bulk Shoulder workout begins with a 2:50 minute warm up. The warm up is especially important in our shoulders as the muscles are so consistently neglected. Kalev, the creator of Body Beast, begins the warm up with a jog to increase your heart rate. The jog is followed by arm circles, light weight arm raises, shoulder presses, upright rows, reverse flies, and completed with a light jog. At the end, your body is warm and ready to dominate the Body Beast Bulk Shoulder workout!


The super set is designed of two exercises back-to-back: the Lateral Raise and Arnold Press. The Lateral Raise uses a push force to work your lateral deltoids. You complete the lateral raise by holding dumbbells in each hand, extended alongside your body. Keep your torso in a stationary position and lift your arms with a slight bend at the elbows. The bend at your elbows will release pressure from your joints. Lower your arms back to the starting position.
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The second exercise of the superset is the Arnold press. The Arnold press is named after bodybuilding’s famous, Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you want muscles like the Terminator than this is your opportunity! The Arnold press strengthens your deltoids and triceps. You begin by sitting on an exercise bench or ball, holding dumbbells curled into your chest. To perform the movement, raise the dumbbells as your palms rotate facing forward. Continue lifting until your arms are extended overhead. After finishing the movement, rotate your arms back to the starting position.

The Lateral Raise / Arnold Press Series

  • Round 1: Arnold Press (15 Reps)
  • Round 2: Lateral Raise: Increase Weight (12 Reps)
  • Round 2: Arnold Press: Increase Weight (12 Reps)
  • Round 3: Lateral Raise: Increase Weight (8 Reps)
  • Round 3: Arnold Press: Increase Weight (8 Reps)
  • Drop set: Arnold Press: Decrease Weight (8 Reps)

Progressive Set

If you have ever rowed a boat than you are probably familiar with the motion of the progressive set’s vigorous exercise. The progressive set uses the upright row to burn your rhomboids, deltoids and traps. To perform the upright row, grasp a bar by the inner handles with your palms facing your body. Keep the bar close to your body as you lift the bar until your hands reach shoulder level. In a controlled motion, lower the bar back to an extended position.

Upright Row Series

  • Round One: Light Weight (15 Reps)
  • Round Two: Increase Weight (12 Reps)
  • Round Three: Increase Weight (8 Reps)
  • Round Four: Increase Weight (8 Reps)
  • Round Five: Decrease Weight (12 Reps)
  • Round Six: Decrease Weight (15 Reps)


The second superset might not have an exercise named after Arnold Schwarzenegger but the moves are just as intense. The superset consists of an Alternating Front Raise and Plate Twist-Twist. The alternating front raise carves your anterior deltoids shoulders with controlled dumbbell raises. You begin by sitting on a bench or ball. While maintaining a stationary torso, lift the left dumbbell in front of you, keeping a slight bend at the elbow. Raise the dumbbell until it reaches shoulder level. Lower the dumbbell back to starting position in a controlled motion and switch sides.

The plate twist-twist’s “steering wheel” type motion can be a powerful exercise to strengthen your shoulders and obliques. You begin by standing and holding a plate in your hands. Keeping your torso stationary, raise your arms with a slight bend at the elbows. Once the plate reaches shoulder level, twist the plate right and then switch directions. Lower the plate back to starting position.

Alternating Front Raise / Plate Twist-Twist Series

  • Round 1: Front Raise (15 Reps)
  • Round 1: Plate Twist (10 Reps)
  • Round 2: Front Raise: Increase Weight (12 Reps)
  • Round 2: Plate Twist (10 Reps)
  • Round 3: Front Raise: Increase Weight (8 Reps)
  • Round 3: Plate Twist (10 reps)

Progressive Set

The Body Beast Bulk Shoulder winds down the shoulder exercise with Reverse Flies. The reverse fly is designed to sculpt your lateral and posterior deltoids. To begin the exercise, lie on an incline bench or ball with your chest and stomach pressed against the incline. Extend your arms in front of you while maintaining a slight bend at the elbows. Lift the weights apart from each other. You can get the best results by focusing on pulling together your shoulder blades.

Reverse Fly Series

  • Round 1: Light Weights (15 Reps)
  • Round 2: Increase Weight (12 Reps)
  • Round 3: Increase Weight (8 Reps)
  • Round 4: Increase Weight (8 Reps)
  • Round 5: Decrease Weight (12 Reps)
  • Round 6: Decrease Weight (15 Reps)


The Body Beast Bulk Arm workout burns until the very end! The sculpting ab series consists of the Superman Stretch and Plank Twist-Twists. The Superman stretch is a lower back and core builder. You begin on your hands and knees. Keeping your abs draw in, extend your right arm in front of you and left leg behind you. Lower back to starting position and switch sides.

The second exercise in the superset is the plank twist-twist. The oblique exercise creates a rotation in your torso to shape your waist. You begin a plank twist-twist in the plank position with your shoulders directly over your hands. Maintaining the plank position, draw your right knee to your left wrist. Return to the plank position and switch sides.

Superman Stretch / Plank Twist-Twist Series

  • Round 1: Superman Stretch (10 Reps)
  • Round 1: Plank Twist (30 Seconds)
  • Round 2: Superman Stretch (10 Reps)
  • Round 2: Plank Twist (30 Seconds)

Cool Down

After an excruciating workout, the Body Beast Bulk Arms cool down is quick. You finish with one minute of stretching your arms, lats, and shoulders.

The Body Beast Bulk Shoulder workout only takes 35 minutes to build stronger shoulders for a more powerful upper body. Your 35 minutes of hard work can be reflected throughout the rest of your day.

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