Body Beast Bulk Legs Workout & Review

Leg training is tough. No doubt about it. But the benefits go beyond the effort. Strong legs allow you to jump higher, run faster, and reduce your risk of injury. The Body Beast Bulk Leg program is 49 minutes of intense muscle toning exercises.    

Warm up

Warming up is fundamental but often overlooked. Sagi Kalev, the creator of Body Beast, developed a warm up cycle to ensure that you are prepared to safely complete the Bulk Legs challenge. The Body Beast Bulk Legs warm up involves active stretching techniques. The warm up is 1:54 seconds and involves jogging, side lunges, hip twists / openers, reverse lunges, side-to-side squats, and sumo squats with crossed arms. At the end of the warm-up, your legs should be ready to face the rest of Kalev’s intense Body Beast workout. 

Front to Back Lunge

A lunge should be a part of any workout program. Lunges challenge your balance while sculpting your quads and glutes. This exercise is great if you have knee problems! You put less stress on your knee joint than many other exercises.
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To perform a front to back lunge, begin with your hands on your hips and balanced on your left leg. You then drop into a front lunge with your right leg in front.  Push off the right leg and swing it behind you into a back lunge. The front to back lunge requires ab contraction to maintain balance and good posture.

  • Round 1: light weight: lunge forward and then backward: 12 reps, repeat other leg
  • Round 2: increase weight (5 lbs): 10 reps, repeat other leg
  • Round 3: increase weight (5 lbs): 8 reps, repeat other leg


Squats have been referred to as the king of all leg exercises. They target the quadriceps, which are one of your lower body’s most powerful muscles. Kalev intensifies the Body Beast Bulk Leg workout with six rounds of weighted squats. Feel the burn!

Good posture is imperative when performing a squat. You begin with your chest lifted, and shoulders rolled back and down. Using a dumbbell in each hand, descend by flexing the knees until you reach a 90 degree angle. Your knees will travel forward but should not travel past your feet.

  • Round 1: light weight: 15 reps
  • Round 2: increase weight: 12 reps
  • Round 3: increase weight: 8 reps
  • Round 4: heaviest weight: 8 reps
  • Round 5: decrease weight: 12 reps
  • Round 6: decrease weight: 15 reps

Full to ½ Sumo Squat

Kalev continues the squat series with full to ½ sumo squats. The main difference between a squat and a sumo squat is the placement of your feet. A regular squat requires that the feet be placed hip width apart with the toes slightly out. During a sumo squat, your feet are more than hip width apart and the toes are angled further out.

Both squats and sumo squats work the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, and calves. A sumo squat puts more emphasis on the inner thigh adductors.

  • Hold one dumbbell under chin – 5 SETS of sumo squats; 5 reps each, hold for a few seconds in between. 

Split Squat with Bar

When we workout, we want to get the best results as quick as possible. The split squat with bar (aka the Bulgarian squat) doesn’t waste time in sculpting your glutes and quadriceps. A split squat is beneficial for low back pain. The exercise takes more pressure off the lower spine than regular squats.

Most squats require you to rest weight on your back. Kalev avoids stress by training you to hold the bars or dumbbells at your sides.

To perform a split squat with bar, get in a lunge position with one leg forward. Hold a barbell under your legs. Keep your chest lifted and shoulders rolled down. Flex your front knee to a 90 degree angle without falling over your ankle.

  • Round 1: lunge stance bar between legs – lower body to ground: 15 reps
  • Round 2: increase weight: 12 reps
  • Round 3: increase weight: 8 reps

Switch legs and repeat rounds 1-3

Switch legs and perform rounds 4-6

  • Round 4: heaviest weight: 8 reps
  • Round 5: decrease weight: 12 reps
  • Round 6: decrease weight: 15 reps

Switch legs and repeat rounds 4-6 

Stiff Leg Deadlift / Alternating Side to Side Squat

A strong back supports your legs. Your leg strength will plateau if your back is not strong enough to support growth. Kalev builds a healthy back and hamstrings using the stiff leg deadlift. He follows the exercise with the alternating side to side squat.

To perform a stiff leg deadlift, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold a barbell with an overhand grip. Bend forward at the waist keeping a slight bend at your knees.

The alternating side to side squats start standing with your legs together. Step to the side and lower into a squat position. Press back up until your feet are back together and switch sides. The side to side squat works your hamstrings and core.

  • Round 1 : deadlift: legs locked straight – bend at waist and straighten back up: light weight: 15 reps
  • Round 1: alternating side to side squat – weight between legs: same weight: 10 reps (each side)
  • Round 2: deadlift: increase weight: 12 reps
  • Round 2: alternating side to side squat: increase weight: 10 reps
  • Round 3: deadlift: increase weight: 8 reps
  • Dropset: deadlift: decrease weight: 8 reps
  • Round 3: alternating side to side squat: increase weight: 10 rep

Calf Raise / Beast Abs

Your calves deserve just as much attention as your quadriceps. Chiseled calves will help you jump, run and look great in shorts! The calf raise uses your body weight and a dumbbell to get extreme results.

To perform a calf raise, cross one leg behind the other and hold a single dumbbell. Use your other hand for balance. Lift your heel, rising onto your toe.

  • Round 1: one dumbbell in hand – one leg crossed behind other – hold onto bench for balance: 50 reps
  • Beast abs: spell the word ‘BEAST’ with legs
  • Round 2: switch legs: 50 reps
  • Round 2: Beast abs: spell the word ‘BEAST’ backwards with legs 

Cool Down

The cool down is just as important as the warm up. Kalev designed a 1:30 minute cool down to stretch your muscles and lower your heart rate. Stretching can prevent you from getting sore and building the beautiful lean muscles that you have always wanted. 

Final Thoughts

Sculpting your legs takes hard work. You will sweat. You will groan. But your effort is worth the result. The Body Beast Bulk Leg series can help you build strong legs for any challenges that comes your way.

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