Body Beast Bulk Chest Workout & Review

Body Beast Bulk Chest is one of Beachbody’s newest weight lifting programs. The strengthening program was developed by bodybuilding champion, Sagi Kalev, and uses functional exercises to get results.

Kalev’s chest workout is a powerful set of strength conditioning, designed to build muscle and burn fat in only 30 minutes. The following exercises are used in the Body Beast Bulk Chest workout:

The Warm-Up

Kalev warms up the class with basic arm circles, light cardio and three different types of push-ups. The moves are designed to increase your heart rate and blood flow to your muscles. After your body has been warmed then you are ready for the more intense moves.

Incline Fly / Incline Press (Superset)

The super set is a series of two moves: the incline fly and incline press. Both exercises target the upper part of the chest and are especially effective early in a workout. Kalev breaks the set into three repetitions:

  • Round One: 15 Reps (8 Incline fly / 15 Incline Press)
  • Round Two: 12 Reps (10 Incline Fly / 20 Incline Press)
  • Round Three: 8 Reps (15 Incline Fly / 25 Incline Press)

Before beginning your incline fly or incline press, ensure that your shoulder blades are squeezed together and flat against the bench press. You can maintain this form by avoiding large weights. If your weights are too heavy then you will stress the shoulders and biceps, rather than strengthening your upper chest. You should also squeeze the dumbbells together at the top of your fly for full contraction of your chest.

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Chest Press with Rotation (Force Set)

After working the upper chest, you will work the major pectoris muscles with 5 reps of 5 chest presses. The major pectoris is the large muscle across the chest. Kalev designed the force set to quickly exhaust your muscles, by using heavy weight. If you are not burned out at the end then you need more intensity.

  • Round One: 5 Reps (5 Chest Presses)

The chest press with rotation requires a challenging dumbbell weight. Use a heavy weight where you can still perform the entire exercise with good form. The chest press begins by lying flat on your back with a dumbbell in each hand. You then lift the weight to shoulder height. As you exhale, press the dumbbells away from you, creating a 90 degree angle. If you cannot keep your back on the bench then switch to a lighter weight.

Incline Press (Progressive Set)

We revisit the incline press with another 3 rounds as Body Beast Bulk Chest’s progressive set. The rounds begin at your lightest weight for 15 reps. You increase the weight through round 3, dropping the reps to 8 at your heaviest weight

  • Round 1: Lightest Weight (15 Reps)
  • Round 2: Increase Weight (12 Reps)
  • Round 3: Increase Weight (8 Reps)

Close-Grip Press to Fly

The close-grip press to fly combines a fly with dumbbell press. Doing so works your pectorals from different angles, to elongate, stretch and build muscle. Keep your shoulders retracted and your chest high when starting. Close-grip press to fly is three rounds. The rounds begin with the lightest weight at 15 reps and increase to 8 reps as you add weight.

  • Round 1: 15 Reps
  • Round 2: Increase Weight (12 Reps)
  • Round 3: increase Weight (8 Reps)

Make sure that you don’t drop your elbows further than 90 degrees from your body to avoid damaging your rotator cuffs.

Decline Push-Ups

The decline push-up does not use weights but can be one of the most intense exercises in the Body Beast Bulk Chest program. If done right, you will work your back, chest, arms, and shoulders. In addition, you are using advanced strength and stability throughout your core and lengths. The decline push-up can be a workout for your entire body.

  • 1 Round: 15 Reps

To complete a decline push-up, you will put your feet on a ball or chair with your hands on the ground. Your hands should be directly below your shoulders to avoid damaging your rotator cuffs. After you are in the proper form then lower yourself in a slow and controlled motion. If the exercise is too easy than add some height.

Airplane Cobra

You cannot get strong abs without a strong back. Body Beast Bulk Chest uses the airplane cobra as a powerful exercise that can build your back muscles.

  • 1 Round: 10 Reps

An airplane cobra begins face-down with your arms hovering overhead. Breathing correctly is vital in the airplane cobra. On an inhale, lift your chest and pull your arms straight out perpendicular to your body. Return to your original form on the mat as you exhale. Keep your arms and legs flexed to protect your back.

Decline Push-Ups

We revisit the decline push-ups to strengthen our entire upper body area.

  • Round 2: 12 Reps

Russian Twist

A strong core can maximize the efficiency of everyday life. When you strengthen your core, you might see your balance, lifting, posture, and walking improve. The Russian twist works the abdomen by performing a balanced twist, specifically to build explosiveness in the upper abdomen, which can help in sports.

  • 1 Round: 30 Seconds

To perform a Russian twist correctly, sit on the ground with your hands and feet together. Twist side to side as many times as possible for 30 seconds. Your knees should be bent with your heels gently touching the floor.

Decline Push-Ups

The decline push-up is revisited a third and final time.

  • Round 3: 8 Reps

Cool Down

Cool downs are just as important as your core workout. A cool down provides the opportunity to lower your heart rate, gradually cool body temperature, and return muscles to their optimal muscle-tension length. Kalev cools down the class in 1:40 minutes of stretching out your chest and shoulders using a bench or ball.


Body Beast Bulk Chest is part of a life changing 90 day program. The chest workout is not introduced until the fourth week, and is then performed on Tuesday and Thursday until week 10. At week 10, the chest workout is only utilized on Tuesdays, and then diminished from the program.

We want results when we workout. Beachbody’s Body Beast Bulk Chest can prevent you from spending hours, only to still be dissatisfied with your results. It’s time to do something different.

Your chest can be a difficult muscle group to sculpt. Nevertheless, chest exercises can increase the strength that helps you tone, lift, and shape your entire upper body, and are vital to your workout routine.

If you work out, than you might realize that the number of hours at the gym really has little effect on how sculpted your body can be. You need to know which exercise will get you results, and this expertise might help you shorten your workout time.

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