Become a Team Beachbody Coach in Canada!

canadian flagCanadians: I know that some of you have been anxiously awaiting your opportunity to become a Beachbody coach, but due to government restrictions and regulations, it took a while before we get approval to proceed.  But your time  has finally arrived!

Team Beachbody Coaching is Pre-Launching in Canada on Oct 1st!

Now, Canadian citizens are allowed to sign up for a US Coaching opportunity. Please keep in mind that a strictly Canadian coaching opportunity does not exist yet, but we are allowing Canadians to open up a US Coaching business. But don’t worry.  As a coach, you can still recruit customers and other coaches from USA and Canada (and even have other international customers), but your commission will paid to you in US dollars. The final launch is expected to be complete around mid 2013, at which point your business will be transferred to  Canadian coaching seamlessly – you do not need to do anything for the transfer.

Rules for Coaches in Canada:

  1. You cannot do retail locally: All orders have to be made through your online store. You are not allowed to buy in bulk and re-sell the items during your home parties, fitness expo, etc
  2. You cannot advertise the Canadian Coaching Opportunity: As mentioned before, the Canadian Coaching hasn’t been launched yet, so you’re not allowed to hold any opportunity meetings, or advertise about the opportunity in any marketing platform. However, you’re allowed to hold meetings where you can introduce the US Coaching opportunity.

Is that great news or what?

Canada has almost the same health issues as the USA, with the rate of obesity and weight-related illness increasingly rapidly every year. So this is your chance to help your community to create a positive environment while ending the trend of obesity. This is your chance to become  founding coaches in Canada and start your business from the ground level.

I am looking for amazing individuals who want to help their community and others to be in the best shape of their life, who want to earn significant side income without a 2nd “job”, and having a blast while doing it!

So if you’re ready to lead, then please contact me as soon as possible as I am very excited to have the opportunity towork with you. I am going to create a mastermind group of Canadian entrepreneurs.


beachbody coaches posingbecome a beachbody coach - group photo

Read more about becoming a Beachbody coach and read view the Top 10 reasons why you should join my team!.

Why put off until tomorrow, what you can do today?

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