Beasting it up With the Beast

I had the opportunity to meet “the man” himself – Body Beast’s Sagi Kalev. We talked a bit, and he asked me what my favorite workout is – I said “chest.” He then asked me what’s my least favorite workout – I said “legs.” Mistake – his face light up and he said “We’ll do legs!”

But fortunately for me, I’d hit legs the day before and was still sore, so Sagi took pity on me and we did arms.

This was quite the change of pace. I’ve worked out with many many fitness professionals before, but I’ve never had a personal trainer. In fact, even when I’m working out with my buddies, I’m always the one pointing out and correcting other people’s form. So working out with Sagi and having him point out and correct MY form was an interesting experience, to say the least.

Here’s how it went.

We started with ten minutes on the treadmill, at a nice slow pace.
Then we moved on to Cable Rope pushdowns, 3 sets of 15.
Then Cable Curls, 3 sets of 15.

But to my surprise we were still warming up!

So even though my arms were already nicely swole…
We kept going…and going…even doing skullcrushers with dumbbells, during which Sagi pointed out that I should be twisting and rotating my wrist during the full range of motion in order to hit every part of the triceps. And man, the next day, I’m still feeling the burn.

My arms were dead at this point but Sagi kept on pushing me


But the toughest part was doing wide grip ezbar curls. Sagi kept spotting me and yelling at me just like he does at “Barbie” during the video. The final set, I was supposed to hit eight reps, but was failing at the fifth rep. He told me that either I’d have to get angry and get it done or he’d get angry and “I wouldn’t want to see the angry side of him.” Faced with that, I mustered all the anger I could, got in a few more reps, and got the full “burn!”

My thoughts later? This was a GREAT experience for me. Sagi is, as you might suspect, a great guy and a great motivator. He was in full drill sergeant mode during the workout and that’s for the best – he pushed me to my limit and beyond, which I know will help me see even faster results.

Showing off our ‘guns’ post arms workout. I guess I look really small standing next to the Beast!

body beast

Gift from Sagi with caption: “To my bud Nick – U R A BAD M-F! Beast!”

But beneath all the muscles and total badass demeanor, he’s a deeply spiritual guy, who gave me tons of great advice on how to live my life. As he pointed out, body, mind, soul and emotion are all connected, and we can’t function well or move forward with our lives if anything is out of balance. The night before the workout, I was fortunate enough to spend almost 2 hours talking to Sagi and with his help and guidance, I had a great self discovery. My life seems clearer and all my goals in life seems just do-able. Sagi made me realize that I’m freaking AWESOME!

So, while Body Beast is still new, I predict that it’s going to be a huge hit and become a household name like such other great Beachbody products as P90X and Insanity.
And, since most guys care about SIZE, in my humble opinion, this is the best of all workouts.

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