Beast Mode Diet

Entering my 3rd Block phase of the Body Beast program, which is called the “Beast” phase…. catchy phase, huh?

On the guide, for this last 3 weeks of the program,  it says that for anyone who is already lean and not looking to do the cutting phase, you can just continue with the bulking diet, or else do the cutting diet.  I’m still contemplating whether I should reduce my intake by 10% from my Calorie Intake to Maintain Weight (CIM), but I will try it for a few days and see how I feel.  As of now, I am going to reduce my intake significantly to make the muscles pop out more, especially the abs part.

From the calculation, my intake should be around 2250 cal/day at 40/30/30 carb-protein-fat ratio. Then again, I am an active guy so depending on how I feel (especially on days when I’m doing my beach workout), I might increase my intake to 2400-2500 cal at 40/25/25 ratio based on the P90X2 diet. I’m going to follow the rule of ‘listen to your body’.

Here’s my diet for today.


Body Beast mode sample diet plan



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