Back on Track!

Earlier this month, I traveled to Chicago for a business and personal development conference. While learning a lot, the lack of sleep and the stress of traveling finally caught up on me; when I’m back at my home in Los Angeles, I got the worst cold since I started P90X and drinking Shakeology.

For 1 week, I did nothing other than watching a lot of TV and nursing my cold. And a week after that, I was slowly working back into gear; only this week that started I continuing back my hybrid round of X2 + P90X with Week 7.

Not only that, I decided to try out a new gym within the proximity of my home. Usually I do my workout at 24 Hr Fitness on 31st Street in Santa Monica but it’s been getting on my nerve that the place is constantly fulled with people –  I’d have to wait for 10-15 min to do bench press (even at 11 pm on a Saturday night!). I’ve been searching around and after being recommended by few friends, I went to check out the Mecca of Bodybuilding – the original Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach.

I’ve got to say that the gym is HUGE. The past 2 days, I’ve been able to do my workout without waiting for any equipment. The scene is chill and there are variety type of people – older people, newbies, triathletes, fitness models, and of course the inevitable roided guys and their 22″ arms 😉 Most likely, this will be my gym from now onward.