A Fresh Start for a New Year

Happy New Year! I know that I’m about 9 days late, but better late than never, right?

Just a couple of days after Christmas, I moved out of my old beach pad and moved in to a real adult apartment, about 2 miles away from the beach (I guess that’s not too bad). While spending the holidays packing and unpacking, working out was definitely a low priority, so I decided to take a break, and maybe splurge a little bit on heavy eating.

I finally started my workouts this week, entering my official Round 2 of Body Beast. Comparing to my pre-holiday stats, I’ve lost about 7 lbs of muscle mass and a significant amount strength by not working out for over 2 weeks. I guess I am opposite that the average Joe who tends to gain weight during the holidays. For me, it’s fairly simple – not working out means that I’m not hungry, which means I’m eating less; and with alack of stimulus to the muscle fibers, my muscles just don’t grow; while at the same time that my metabolism kept on burning.

Still, I am not too worried because I know the muscle memory is still there. I am confident that I will be able to gain back my strength and size within 1 month.

Day 1 of Round 2 Body Beast result
Weight : 156 lbs (-6 lbs lost)
Chest: 41.5″ (-1.5″ lost)
Waist: 31″ (+1″ gain)
Biceps: 15″ (.25″ lost)

Body Beast Round 2 Day 1

Accountability Photo: Body Beast Round 2 Day 1

If I’m going to LOSE it by not working out, why bother working out?!??!??

Many people might not even consider working out because they think that they’d need to continue working out in order to maintain their new body they worked to hard to achieve. While this is true, fitness isn’t about a 90 day challenge, or how to look good for the summer or for your tropical vacation. It should be a lifestyle – period.

If you don’t keep practicing your skills, whether it’s sports, or playing an instrument, or what have you, you’re going to get rusty. If you don’t challenge your mind by acquiring new knowledge, your thinking will become lazy. And if you stop going to work, your income will disappear just like that.

My point is, you will lose anything if you stop working on it, and that includes fitness. While not everyone is going to get chiseled 8 pack abs, fitness is really about living a healthy lifestyle, free from preventable disease. So no matter what level and age you are, it is never too late to turn over a new leaf, but first stop making excuses not to workout.

If that dorky skinny kid (me!) who got bullied in high school can do it, anyone can!