4 Weeks Bulking Results & Pre-Beast

Just to refresh your memory, I started the bulking phase, eating >3000 cal/day, at the beginning of the month. Before, with 2500 cal/day, I felt that I was overtrained and hit a plateau with my workout. While on the bulking phase, I was doing a pure weight training program to prepare for Body Beast, and not P90X or Insanity.

You can read the benefits that I discovered from this diet here.

So 4 weeks are in and the results of Week 4 vs Week 1:

Weight:             161            vs              155 lbs   (6 lbs gain!)
Chest:             42.75″         vs                41.5 “    (1.25″ gain!)
Waist:                  31″          vs                 31″
Thigh:            21 1/2″          vs             21  5/8″     (1/8″ gain!)
Bicep (flex) :     15″             vs                15″
Calves:              14″            vs               14″

I didnt measure my initial bf% but I know I’d need to measure my current one, which I will do this weekend, for Body Beast purposes. Overall, I am happy with my results; I wish my biceps had grown a bit, but over the past 4 weeks, my main focus was on the compound lifting routines like bench presses and barbell back squats.  This explains the growth in my chest/back circumference and in my thighs.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next 90 days with Body Beast!

Here are my Week 4 results.  This will be my pre-Body Beast accountability photo.

pre-Body Beast Accountability Photo of Nick Husin………Pre-Body Beast Front Photo

Body Beast Day 1 (Back)



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