New & Updated Power 90 & P90X Transformation Video

p90x transformationFinally, I have updated my transformation video to include the latest P90X progress pictures and also clips from the beach workout. Do not be shocked that I used to look like Steve Urkel 😉

Just a reminder, I used to weigh only at 100 lbs entering freshman year in college, and gained up to 105 lbs before I started working out with Power 90 in Summer of 2004. After multiple rounds of Power 90 and currently on Day 60 of my 10th round of P90X, I stand at around 160 lbs at 5% bodyfat. Anything is possible if you COMMIT to your goals. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something that you dream of. People used to say that I would always be skinny for the rest of my life and I proved them wrong.

Enjoy the new video!



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