Jay P: Day 1 vs Day 90 of P90X

“Nick was great as a coach and available to answer questions whenever I needed it. He kept me accountable both in my workouts and my business. Thanks to him, I managed to gain 21 lbs of lean mass in just 90 days with P90X.”

Jill B: Before & After photo with Beachbody

“Nick always there to push me hard with the workout. He is always there to encourage me and made me believe that I can achieve anything when I put my mind into it.”

Jason P: Day 30 vs Day 150 of P90X

“With his diet plan, workout tips and my determination, I lost a total of 50lbs and am in best my life! Nick pushed me to make the workouts harder every week, lift heavy and bring it! I would have NEVER thought in the beginning I would try to make the routines harder.”

Workouts to Get Ripped | Joe Dafcik

Joseph D: Day 1 vs Day 180 of P90X

“[Nick] gave me so many useful tips on diet and how to adjust the program just a touch to get my best results. After following Nick’s advice, while going on Shakeology, the recovery formula, and the creatine from Beachbody, you can see the results of P90X…

[Fitness Coach] Nick will keep you motivated and help you through any struggles you may have… look at my picture… he helped me get here and he will help you too!”

Fitness Coach

Cory B: Before & After with P90X

Nick has been an outstanding leader who has taken my enthusiasm for health, fitness, and helping others, and utilized it in ways to maximize my potential. He has shown me how finding my personal strength and working on myself has lead to my greater ability to improve myself so that I can help others better. Without Nick’s guidance, I would not have had as much immediate success on my own transformation


Fitness Coach

Michael TJ: Day 1 vs Day 180 of P90X

“If you are looking to change not only your body, but the quality of your life, your outlook and self confidence – you owe it yourself to work with Nick. Not only does he know his stuff – but he is dedicated and genuinely wants to see you succeed. He was very helpful on some of the questions I had, helped me custom-tailor my workouts to address some of my specific goals and kept me motivated. Nick was great to work with and always gave me the sense that he really cared about my progress.”

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“I never understood what it took for a skinny guy to bulk up and add some lean mass, After reading about Nick Husin’s story I was inspired and determined to achieve what I’ve never been able to do. Getting in touch with Nick and joining his challenge group helped me push to achieve the gains I never could before. I look forward to continuing my progress through Nick’s challenge groups”
~ Ilia K., Maryland

“I could not have asked for a better coach than Nick!  Before I began P90X, I spoke with Nick and he designed a meal plan for my body type and my goals. Nick evaluated my diet weekly, often daily, and monthly he revised it based on my progress.  He is always there to answer any questions about P90X, fitness, diet, soreness and even recommended the engineering program at USC for my son.  He has an uncanny ability to know when you need encouragement and in my case, when a bit of a lecture is necessary to make you “push play”.  Not a better personal Trainer out there!”
~ Gene S., New York City

Nick knows what he’s doing. With his help, I’ve been able to create a working meal plan and lose 34.5 inches in the first 9 weeks of BodyBeast. I couldn’t have done it without Nick’s help and motivation. I’m stoked to finally hit my goal of 200 in the next 10 months (after weighing my heaviest at 457). Nick has helped me develop lean muscle and shed pounds of unwanted body fat… Thanks Nick!
~ Nate W., Appleton WI

I have been into fitness for a long time but I had been needing someone or something to give me that extra push. Nick really was that extra push I needed! Nick gives you straight forward tools and motivation to get you where you want to be. He was always there for me when I had a question. Nick created an individualized diet and exercise plan to give me the edge , I’m not sure I would have stuck to my diet without him. He makes the whole process fun and I always look forward to the challenges & advice he gives. Hes a fantastic coach! I will continue to go to Nick with any advice or coaching I need.
~ Gracie H., Las Vegas NV

I’m currently in Nick’s Halloween Challenge Group and I am going to be 100% honest, if Nick offers a challenge group opportunity, TAKE THE OFFER!! Nick’s challenge groups are amazing, motivating, and if you follow his rules, advice, and suggestions, you will succeed!! Since I started a challenge group 7 weeks ago with Nick, I have made amazing strides and gains! I have gone from 31% body fat down to 17% and I’m still going strong. These challenge groups have changed my life forever and not only made me more fit, but also made me more motivated, confident, and a better person. I am a full time teacher and my students (high school) and colleagues have said they’ve noticed I’ve changed for the better. I may not be down to 4% like my goal is, not yet at least, but I’m confident that with Nick as my mentor that I will, without doubt, reach my goal. Do yourself the right thing for yourself and do this challenge group, you deserve it!
~ Luke Vander Pluym, Chicago IL

To anyone thinking about joining this challenge group – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take the challenge. I’ve done other BeachBody programs on my own in the past, P90X & Insanity, and saw good results, but nothing like the result I gained when I joined Coach Nick in his BodyBeast Challenge Group. His attention to detail in not only the program, but in nutrition is 1st Class. I went from 155lbs at 15% body fat, to now 168lbs and 10% body fat. I’ll be at 6-8% when I’m done. All Thanks to Nick for taking my Health & Fitness to the Next Level and beyond! Go for It!!
~Nick Dow, New Jersey

I’d like to encourage anyone thinking about joining Nick’s challenge group to do so ASAP – you definitely won’t regret it! I’ve taken Nick’s BodyBeast Challenge, and it has definitely given me the motivation and support I need to get in my best shape ever. Nick provides wonderful guidance with creating personalized meal plans to help you accomplish your fitness goals and is there pushing you through to the finish line. I also found having a group support system very helpful for me as I need the accountability factor to push me even harder.
~Tiffany Nicole, Los Angeles CA

To anyone on the fence about doing this challenge, I encourage you to break through your fear and take this challenge. It will change your life. I did a challenge recently with Nick. He’s an amazing coach. He really cares about his students and goes above and beyond what you expect to help you get the life you want. This isn’t just about getting fit. Working with Nick is a life-changing decision. Going through this challenge will have a positive impact on every aspect of your life. Do it. You owe it to yourself.
~ René Rodriguez, Los Angeles CA