My Shakeology Review

I’ve been drinking Shakeology daily for over 5 years now (since 2009) and it’s helped me gain lean muscle mass and strength, while helping me maintain low body fat.  Since I started drinking Shakeology daily, my immune system has improved significantly. Before, I tend to catch the flu/cold around 3-4x per year, but since I’ve started drinking Shakeology, I barely get sick. Furthermore, with my sensitive stomach, I used to have difficulties digesting exotic food when I’m traveling, but that is no longer the case. Now, I always bring a bag with me whenever I travel, especially during my yearly trips to Europe and Asia.

Not to mention, Shakeology has helped me TREMENDOUSLY during my physique (bodybuilding) competitions. Cutting down to 4% bodyfat for stage, or for photoshoots, is no longer a big deal, as with all the nutrients and superfood in Shakeology, I could still function properly, without feeling sluggish or lethargic – a common scenario for those with a very low bodyfat %.

Shakeology contains 70 natural and organic ingredients, including numerous super-foods like sacha inchi, camu-camu, and goji & acai berry.

For those trying to lose weight, I’d recommend having Shakeology for lunch. Drinking it during the day provides your body with essential vitamins and nutrients it needs for metabolism.  You will be more alert at work or school – enjoying the same benefits as the 5 hour energy drink – but getting them from a natural product. Plus, drinking Shakeology for lunch is a great way to save money, as you’re no longer spending $10 for a healthy lunch.

For those who are lean and trying to add muscle mass, I’d recommend taking Shakeology for breakfast. One thing I see with lean people is they neglect a good breakfast.  Shakeology is a quick and easy way to fix that. I usually mix it with raw Almond Milk and have that for breakfast.  Most of us have about 200-300 calories for breakfast, so this mix is great. This way you’re not sacrificing much with your daily caloric intake.

Shakeology is good for you and tastes great.  I will keep using it as part of my nutrition plan and continue to recommend it to anyone who wants to slim down or add lean muscle.

You can purchase shakeology here, and you will be taken to the Beachbody website.  When you sign up, you will also be entitled to receive free fitness coaching from me.


PRICE:   REGULAR: $129.95     |      COACH: $97.46

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Derek Michaelis result with Body Beast

Coach Derek, Type I Diabetes

“I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes while I was in my teens. I had been taking 80 cc of insulin per day to control it, but within three months after I started working out and drinking Shakeology, I only need 10-15 cc per day. My doctor told me that because I’m eating right, my body responds better to insulin.” – Coach Derek


Lisa W, cancer fighter

“I am currently 53 years old diagnosed with Stage 4, Metastic cancer. I would show up at my chemo sessions with my Shakeology in hand and turned down the soda and cheese crackers. It was hard for me to eat anything as I was always nauseous and not hungry, but Shakeology always saves the day. I told my doctor about it, and he is impressed with the ingredients. I am currently in the stable phase, no remission yet, and I’m going to keep up with my workout and drinking my shakes daily! – ” – Lisa W.


Rich Michaelis’s Father, Parkinson Disease Patient

“My dad is in that stage of Parkinson, which he has limited mobility and needs constant care. As his care-giver, it was hard for me to help him get ready because of his weight. Within few months of drinking Shakeology, he lost 32 lbs, without any extra workout and with no changes on the rest of his diet. He is a happier guy now as he is more able to move around freely in the house by himself. Shakeology is helping my dad to be around much longer” – Rich Michaelis


Shakeology Ingredients

View the image below to learn about Shakeology’s ingredients or click to download the PDF.

Shakeology ingredients

Shakeology helps you improve your health and can help you lose weight and reduce cravings.  It also helps increase energy and promotes healthy digestion.  It contains protein and several essential amino acids to help you build muscle.

Shakeology also comes with a 30 day risk free “bottom-of-the-bag” guarantee.  If you don’t feel healthier and more energized, you don’t pay.  You can return shakeology for any reason and get your money back – even if the bag is empty!


Shakeology Comparison Charts

Shakeology costs about $4.33 /serving or about $3.30/serving for Beachbody Coaches. It comes in a few delicious flavors – Chocolate, Greenberry, Strawberry, Vanilla and also Vegan options!  It can be purchased either in individual packets, or in a money-saving container, which has 30 servings, while the individual packets come in a case of 24. Whether you want to take it as a meal replacement or as an energy booster drink, not only will you lose weight, but you will also save money.

shakeology comparison

Shakeology (coach price) vs Other Snacks


Shakeology nutrition comparison

Shakeology vs ‘Fruit Drink’


shakeology pricing

Shakeology vs Other Meal Replacement


Shakeology vs Competitors

Shakeology vs Other Superfood Drinks


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If you do not have the time to find and gather high quality superfood, then you need to be on Shakeology!