Bigger, Stronger, Beastier….. HOW?!?!?!

WolverineI have often received this question from my followers and readers about how to gain mass: How can we put on muscle if we don’t have the right equipment? Is it possible?

The answer is…. yes, and no.

When I was still the a scrawny kid with no prior experience with weight training, I only had resistance bands to use in my workout. And yet, I still managed to put on 30 lbs  in just 3 months time (please remember that I started at just 105 lbs, and without proper measurements, I cannot guarantee that those 30 lbs are pure lean muscle mass). Since my initial 90 days were a great success, I tried repeating my steps, but didn’t see additional gains until I started increasing my intensity by lifting heavier with real dumbbells.

So, for newbies, it is okay to ONLY have a pair of inexpensive 20 lbs dumbbells that you can get at Target or Walmart. Chances are, you might not need or won’t even be able to lift heavier than that at first. But just know that as you keep working out, you will increase your endurance, stamina and strength; which means you will be able to workout longer and lift heavier. And to keep stimulating your muscle growth, you need to increase the intensity of your workouts, which means you’re going to need heavier dumbbells..

If you only have 20 lbs dumbbells, then your arms will grow large enough to be able to lift that much. If you want arms that are >15”, you’re going to need to lift heavy. If you want an impressive chest, you’ll need to incorporate not only heavy sets of bench presses, but also a variety of push-ups. The list goes on with the rest of your muscle groups.

Doing high reps with low weights will not help you with size!

I can’t deny, though, that there are special individuals out there who can get ripped and muscular by just using their own bodyweight doing calisthenics routines. One example is Hannibal, and you can see his Youtube videos here. But please remember, that everyone has a different body type, and if you have a naturally athletic build, then you have a higher chance to add bulk. But if you’re naturally skinny like me and having a hard time adding any mass, then heavier weights is your answer for size, non-negotiable.

Bruce Lee

Ripped & Lean Bruce Lee

If you don’t want to listen to my advice and still keep lifting light, well, then you might end up looking ridiculously ripped like Bruce Lee, which isn’t too bad, if you like that look. Personally, I prefer looking like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Chris Evan’s Captain America, or Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. The choice is yours.

My advice for newbies:

Please ask yourself honestly, “Why are you working out?” Is it to impress someone? Is it just for fun? Or will it be a complete lifestyle change? For whatever reason, if you know you will be working out for the long-term, invest your money in good adjustable weights that go up to 90+ lbs. They’re going to be cheaper in the long run than picking up individual dumbbells as you go, plus…they’ll give you the incentive to lift BIG!

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