You Get What You Pay For

It is absurd when I hear people telling me that “it is expensive to eat healthy”! If that were truly the case, then you have only 2 options – eat crappy food or spend the extra money for good quality food.

If you have seen the movie Food Inc, you might remember a segment on a lower income Latino family who work hard to earn an honest living. The parents, however, are considered obese and the father is suffering from Type 2 Diabetes  –  a disease considered to be largely preventable. The parents are trying to teach their kids to eat healthy, but the dad’s medication was a serious strain on the family’s budget – they could either spend the money on buying nutritious food, or on dad’s medication. Given that, the family had no real choice but to spend the majority of their food budget on fast food like Burger King — with the occasional healthy meal as a kind of “special treat” — just the opposite of what their diet should have been like.

Cases like this unfortunately, are all too typical.  But the truth of the matter is that you get what you pay for.  So while it may appear that you’re saving money by eating fast food value meals, you’ll end up paying for it in terms of your health.  And at the end, is it worth it? Sure, you’d be saving few bucks by eating $1 McD Value Meals, which not even worth a buck in terms of nutritional value in my opinion. In 10 years time or even less, you could easily end up  being overweight, if not obese, in which case you’re far more likely to get diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, or cancer, and significantly increase your chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke. Down the road, those value meals could end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars to get treated. So is it worth saving a few bucks now with the risk of costing you a lot more in the future?

Obesity is now ranked as the #2 preventable cause of death in the USA.  According to the image below, every state with the exception of Colorado is suffering from obesity rates of over 20%. And shockingly, just 20 years ago, no other states has more than 20% obesity rate. If we as a nation don’t make significant changes soon, those numbers are only going to get worse.

And the truth is, eating healthy and smart is really not that more expensive than living on a diet of junk food. Beachbody has a great affordable superfood meal replacement called Shakeology. I have seen great results among my team; Steve Sciurba no longer needs to take 5 pills for his cholesterol and high blood pressure issue, while Michael Budnitsky lost 15 lbs in 30 days! Check this article for comparison price.

Take action now.  Learn more about nutrition so that you know how to prepare healthy foods for you and your family.  Join a gym, hire a personal trainer, find friends to workout with, get P90X, do Shakeology, do crossfit, go hiking with your family, PLAY football with your family on holiday seasons… do whatever you enjoy that gets your butt off the couch and helps you stay active. It only takes 1 person to change the world and it starts with YOU!




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  • Honestly its not as expensive as people think it is. I am a collage student who does a majority of my own shopping and i have gotten very good at comparing prices and eating healthy for cheap

  • What a great post Nick! Keep up the awesome work.