Why Starving Yourself Doesn’t Work

So here’s the deal on why starving yourself doesn’t work and you’re probably not seeing any results from those diet pills you had such high hopes for. You, I, and everyone else has this thing called a metabolism, the chemical processes that occur within our bodies that help us sustain life. People with high metabolisms tend to be able to eat more and not gain any obvious weight, while people with low metabolisms have bodies that tend to hold on to what’s being consumed.

Now here is the part most of you don’t know and that is, ‘Why’?

You have to eat!

That’s the answer – as simple as that.

Explanation: Lets say you just got out of bed from a nice 8 hour sleep. You shower, get ready for work, and what’s next….. you run out the door with some coffee and maybe a piece of toast? When you wake up, your body has literally fasted for 8 hours. It needs nutrition, and when your body doesn’t get nutrition first thing in the morning, it goes into something called starvation mode.

So the next time you eat, which would be lunch, your body will consume and hold on to any piece of nutrition, good or bad, that it can get its hands on, because your body simply doesn’t know when it is going to eat again. That is why you need to be consistent with your meals. The more consistent you are, the higher your metabolism will become that day. A good rule of thumb is to eat once every 3 hours. So eat 3 regular meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and eat 3 snacks in between those meals. You might be thinking it is expensive to eat all these snacks. But by snacks I mean as simple as a stalk of celery, or an apple, along with some organic nuts or almonds on the side. A healthy snack, just enough to get you through to the next meal.

Now back to the diet pills and why you’re not seeing any results. Some diet pills suppress your hunger and that’s not the answer. Suppressing your hunger will only puts your body back in starvation mode and I just explained why you don’t want THAT to happen. Because every time you eat when your starved, your body will hang on to it and store it in the form of fat — fat that you’re working so hard to get rid of!

So when you wake up, start off with a glass or two of cold water to wake your body up and the blood flowing. Trust me, you’ll feel better! Then eat a good breakfast! There is more than some truth to the saying to breakfast being the most important meal of the day, because it is!