Why I Really and Truly Love Shakeology

One question that I get more than almost any other is this: Do you really honestly and truly drink Shakeology? And the real, honest and true answer is YES!

I’ve been drinking Shakeology religiously (well daily at any rate) since 2009. And I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without.

Why is that?

Here are my top 5 basic reasons:

1. It gives a boost to my immune system. On my own, I’m a pretty sickly guy who comes down with something on average three to four times a year. Before Shakeology, if someone anywhere near me had the flu, I was guaranteed to get it myself. But since I started drinking Shakeology, I can say that I might get sick once every a year and a half. And I can’t argue with those results.

2. It’s a great preventative measure. Whenever I start feeling like I’m getting sick, like I’m coming down with something, I start drinking Shakeology 2-3 times a day versus my normal one per day. By flooding my body with vitamins and good nutrition, I either avoid getting sick all together, or I get a quick 24 hour version of whatever it is and quickly recover.

3. It helps when I move from bulking to cutting. Most guys I know go to extreme lengths and ridiculous diets to cut for the summer so they can look ripped on the beach. But just by replacing my normal lunch with Shakeology, within just one month I cut from 10% down to 4-ish% in time for an important photoshoot. And while you might not be able to get your bf down that low, anyone can get great results using Shakeology as a meal replacement.

Cutting down my bf% with Shakeology

4. Faster recovery after my workouts. It’s a simple fact: when your body gets the nutrition it needs, it’s going to recover faster. And Shakeology gives my body the nutrition it needs to recover from my super intense, super long workouts.

I remember the days before-Shakeology, when I’d be doing P90X along with a beach workout AND Muay Thai – that was too much. Now I can workout 2-3 hours a day and with Shakeology, recovery is a breeze. (Of course if you’re a beginner when it comes to workouts, I wouldn’t recommend working out that long – it took me years to build up to this point.)

5. Energy, energy, energy. Why drink a 5-hour energy filled with God knows what when I can enjoy a healthy Shakeology and get the same results? Superfood rich, Shakeology includes things like chia seeds and maca roots that are proven to boost your energy levels.

And there’s other reasons as well. On a more personal level (I can’t guarantee you the same results), it’s given me better skin, helped regulate my digestive system and more…I honestly can’t imagine going a day without it.

Better health, improved recovery time, energy, and a leaner more muscular you. Why wouldn’t you want to drink Shakeology?

And now, there’s a new flavor of Shakeology – Vanilla. Unlike other shakes out there, the vanilla in Shakeology has no chemical additives so it’s 100% pure vanilla and also ethically sourced (the Madagascar vanialla beans are clearly traceable from bean to bag).

Please contact me if you’d like to try a sample of Shakeology and I will mail you one (while stock lasts).

Check out this funny video by the creator of P90X, Tony Horton, explaining what’s in Shakeology!



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