Supplement simplified, Part I

I’ve been asked this question many times, so I figured now was the time to explain what supplements you need even on a tight budget to help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Goal: To gain muscle mass & get ripped

I’d say the 3 main things that you need are whey protein, P90X Recovery Drink, and Shakeology – in that order. Most guys protein intake is too low to begin with, and thus, and so, when working out, an additional protein supplement is a must. You can read more on the protein here.

As for the P90X Recovery Drink, I noticed that most guys focus TOO much on destroying their muscles, but not nearly enough in rebuilding them . Let me explain: When you workout, you’re breaking down your muscle cells; to make the muscle grow back bigger and stronger, the muscle fibers need to rebuild  which, in layman’s terms, is what makes them bigger and stronger. Imagine your muscle is like a sponge – a muscle that’s been seriously worked out would look like a dried up sponge. You can bring the sponge back to life by sprinkling it with water (which will take some time), or by soaking]it in a basin of water. In the same way, if you drink a recovery drink after every intense workout, that’s how you’re helping your muscle to bounce back to its original state faster than it would on its own. You will prevent extreme soreness and can perform well the next day. Read more on recovery drink here.

If you’ve been following my blogs, I’m sure you know that I’m a big supporter of Shakeology due to own my personal experience with it. It is not a meal replacement shake, or a weight loss shake, but a superfood shake, which helps to optimize your performance and health.  For example, the Suma root, one of the 70 ingredients in Shakeology, is known as the natural anabolic steroids, without the bad side effects. Read more here.

So realistically, how much do you need to budget for supplements?]I’ve seen many guys in on my team who are spending around $200/month on supplements, which should cover all 3 of the above mentioned supplements + along with other things like such as creatine or preworkout drink. Although that sounds like a lot, it’s only about $7/day for a total caloric intake of 500-700 cal. That’s no different than buying a healthy food at the store or, “a healthy lunch at a restaurant”. But with these supplements, at least you’re hitting the right nutrient ratios.

If you can only budget $50-100 per month for supplements, then get the whey and P90X Recovery Drink. Anything less than that could mean that you’re sacrificing your results.

Adding lean mass to your frame is not an easy task – it requires sizable investments from you in terms of time, proper food, and of course money. Bulking is no different than adding an extension (or additional room) to your house. In order for you to add to the sq ft of your home, you need to buy materials to build the addition; same goes for your muscles. But once you’ve reached the size that you want then it is easier to maintain it, although, of course, the process of improving your body should be a lifetime process, and not just a 60 or 90 day event.

To be continued……