Preworkout Drink: The Good, The Bad, The Instant Gratification?

preworkout drinkI first was introduced to a preworkout supplement was when I started my first round of P90X back in 2008. The first brand that I tried was No-Xplode based on a friend’s recommendation. Of course, for the first few weeks, my workout was amazing – pushups seemed easier and pullups were actually possible! The only problem with No-Xplode to me at that time was that the need to cycle 1 month off after taking it for 3 months non-stop.

After a year of taking it, I looked at the other alternatives out there. I’ve tried many brands like Jack3d and PumpFuel but those products made me too jittery and I felt like I was almost having an asthma attack when working out.

I found something that I really like by Gaspari Nutrition called SuperPump250, and now called SuperPumpMax. I had been using this for a couple of years until I switched into Beachbody E&E earlier this year.

So, should you be taking a preworkout drink? Here are the benefits from my very own experience:
  1. I can lift heavier and do 1-2 extra more reps. This might not sound like a big deal, but when trying to gain lean muscle mass, even the extra 1 rep helps!
  2. I can last longer in cardio and push myself during HIIT. For example, when doing an interval running, I can sprint as fast as I can at a longer rate.
  3. It wakes me up and makes me alert when I do my workout in the morning
  4. And it helps me with my motivation. Sometimes, I do have the lazy spell but it easily vanishes when I drink my preworkout drink.

Even though I had been eating healthy and working out on a regular basis, I was told by doctors that my blood pressure was a tad high for someone of my age and fitness level. Dont get me wrong, my pressure was still considered normal, but the doctor expected something better from me. This has been going on for few years and puzzled me since I do drink Shakeology, which is supposed to reduce the bad cholesterol and help to reduce high blood pressure.

When Beachbody E&E came out earlier this year, I decided to switch and give it a try after it had been recommended by many of my close friends. Initially, I thought that it was somewhat weak, but it still serves the purpose. Everything works the same although E&E doesnt give me the “pump” feeling that I usually get from SuperPumpMax. I gave it a try and after a month of taking it, my acupuncturist took my blood pressure and she was shocked to see that my pressure had improved significantly the past couple of weeks. The only thing different was that I stopped taking SP and started taking E&E.

E&E is a healthier and natural pre-workout supplement. Read more here.

Is it worth it to risk your future health for instant gratification? Sure, you feel like you’re the King of the World when taking certain supplements like Jack3d or SuperPumpMax, but the long-term side effects are not worth for the short-term result. Be healthy inside and out; your internal organs will thank you for that.

Read more about FDA cracks down on DMAA – an ingredients in most popular preworkout drink:



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  • Nick – I used NO X-Plode and Jack3d in the past as well but the jitters and crashes (especially with NO X-Plode) made them short lived experiments. E&E on the other hand has been a much better “experience” without the crashes post workout. Now if they could only make a pre-work that tastes good… Very interesting point on blood pressure – thanks for pointing that out.