More of 3000+ cal diet!

It’s been 3 full days of my eating around 3200-3500 cal/day and I’ve to say that I’m feeling much better, performance-wise. I dont feel too sluggish nor do I feel too sore when pushing too hard into my workouts.

A lot of people think that I’m eating A LOT, but in reality, for someone who is as active like me, I might need to eat at least 3000 cal to survive! I found a good site to calculate my Resting Metabolic Rate –  the energy required to perform vital body functions such as respiration and heart rate while the body is at rest. Check out the RMR Calculator here.

From that online tool, I’d consider myself as “Very Active” and not “Extremely Active” since I still do a ‘desk-job’. It turns out that someone like me needs around 2800 cal/day just to survive! But please bare in mind that this is after-all just an educated estimation. The lack of calories might explains why I’ve been hitting plateau the past 6 months. My results:

So here are my diet the past 2 days. Note that on Wednesday, I was doing less extreme workout, on lower body, thus my body wasn’t craving for extreme calories. (Also I didn’t had cheese to go with my burrito but it’s the only type that shows up on Myfitnesspal.) For today’s lunch, I was eating well over 1000 cal just because I was starving due to a very active morning. It’s okay, I listened to my body 🙂
Next week, I will start increasing my intake to 4000 cal and see how it goes. Just a reminder, I did ate 4000 cal/day on my first couple of rounds of P90X!





2 Responses to More of 3000+ cal diet!

  • Do you think Milk is good for bulking?

    • I know some guys in my team who have tried 1/2 GOMAD – Gallon of Milk a Day and gained a lot within a month, however, it wasnt all lean mass. From my understanding, in bodybuilding, people would do whatever they can to bulk up, including drinking a lot of milk.

      If you want to focus on gaining lean muscle mass, it’d be a slow process, but you will be able to look ripped at all times. Milk is ok for that, but I wouldnt recommend to go crazy on it.