My Journey, The Physique, And The Competition

Hump Day is known to be a day of jokes, but not for me, at least not for today. As I walked to the gym this morning, I was reflecting how far I have come on my journey from when I was first introduced to working out just over 10 years ago by my roommate Suffian. As a 105-pound-soaking-wet college freshman I stepped into a gym for the very first time… and I left within 10 minutes feeling completely out of place and intimidated by a bunch of college jocks.

18 year old scrawny Nick

Fast forward to today – I have worked to transform myself and become known in the Beachbody community as the “Scrawny to Brawny” guy or “Ripped Like Nick” and find myself just 3 weeks shy from my first physique competition, which will be held at the MGM Las Vegas!

However, two months ago I fell victim to enjoying myself a bit too much while backpacking in Europe. After returning home, I was down to 162 lbs and tested at 12-13% body fat (from 172 and 8%). Yikes! I have taken 2 weeks off from working out before, but that was without indulging on amazing European food and desserts. Of course it doesn’t help that I was in my late 20’s (celebrating my 30th birthday with a European vacation), and no longer have the pure ectomorph metabolism that I used to have in my teens. Who would have thought that it would be so easy to gain fat these days?? To be honest, I was a bit nervous once it hit me that I had about 10-11 weeks to prepare for the physique competition and crunch time had officially arrived.

Knowing that I needed to quickly burn body fat and get my muscle definition back, I couldn’t think of any better workout program to reach my goals other than Body Beast. This would be my 7th round of doing the program, and I still learn something new every single round. I remember that by my 5th round, I had discovered a small tweak that could be made with Beast in order to build mass even faster–which I did get to my heaviest, yet ripped, weight at 175 lbs.

Within only 3 weeks of my 7th round of Body Beast I was back up to 168 lbs with my body fat close to 11%. This was great news, but I knew that I needed to change something if I was going to reach my goal of 4% body fat in time for the stage. With the help of my physique coach I tweaked my diet and began a well-prepared eating program like a serious competitor, along with extra daily cardio on top of Beast. (Dont be mistaken that my diet is just blah…. it’s super healthy as Im actually eating 2 servings of veggies per day now, compared to NONE!) Within 6 weeks, I was down an additional 6% body fat and now lingering around 5 to 6%.

I am ecstatic with my current results! My physique coach just told me “You’re actually ready to compete tomorrow!”. Now I just need to maintain what I have and will drop down to 4% within 24 hour before the competition by intermittent fasting and cutting down water and sodium intake . However; whether or not I actually win or get some type of trophy, I know that I have worked to become my very best and understand that ultimately we are all competing with only ourselves.

With my experience of doing Power 90 for 3 years, and then P90X for 4 years (16 rounds total), and now almost 2 years of doing Body Beast, it is time for me to turn around and help others transform their bodies into something that they can be proud of—no matter the “competition”. Building your physique, is not just about being healthy and fit, but it is also a work of art.

My current photo, 5/28, just 3 weeks before Beachbody Classic, Physique Competition

If you’re ready to commit and join me, then please allow me to share some of my knowledge by filling in the questionnaire below. Now is the best time to start!