Happy Halloween! Beware of Vampires, Werewolf and….. GMO!

Halloween is always a special happy time where kids running around in costume getting treats while the adults just have a big excuse to reminiscent their childhood and dress up as well. Sometimes, you can see some adults putting in a lot of effort and money in their costume – for example, my 300 Spartan costume few years back 😉

Candies and Halloween always goes together. While this is the only OK time for kids to have candies, but be aware of what you put into your kids mouth. Not all candies are created equal.

So lets go take few steps back here…. lets talk about GMO – Genetically Modified Organisms. The past couple of decades, more and more of our food consists of GMO, and of course, we dont even realize that they’re GMO. While GMO has been sold to the public as the answer to humanity’s 21’s century food supply problem, recent studies has shown otherwise.  Read here about GMO Foods: Science, PR, and Public Backlash.

To sum it up, rats in studies that were fed with GMO are more likely to develop cancer, tumors and suffer sever liver and kidney damage. Then again, do we need studies to show that to us? Look around at our health problems – more and more people are getting obese, cancer cases are rising, and health related issues with overweight are getting rampant.

How is GMO relevant to Halloween? Unfortunately, many well known candy brands are using GMO as the main part of their ingredients. 


GMO Candy Brands to Watch Closely

This infographic is put together by The Give Project and going viral on Facebook.

GMO candy

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Californians & Prop 37

The election is coming soon, and if you’re a registered voter in California, I urge you to vote YES on Prop 37, which is going to label GMO products in the market. That way, we will know what is safe to put in our body.


Another great clip about GMO labeling


Alright, enough rambling… Happy Halloween!


300 Spartan (2009) and Spartacus:Blood & Sand (2011)

If you have any other questions on GMO, you can reach me through this site, too.