Mold Detox & Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Signs of malnutrition: Allergies and inflammation can reduce nutrient absorption, which is why I couldn’t gain back the weight that I lost from major flu few months back. Normally, I am 170 lbs during the off season.

My #1 source is scholarly journals/scientific studies to back up a theory; if I could not find anything, then my #2 source is websites with reputable reputation, written by real professionals in the health field. My #3 and final source is reputable sites but only for citing something that is more general and widely acceptable. My detox diet is not perfect and I’m sure there are some improvements can be made. If you have any feedback, concerns, questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly as I’d love to fine tune this diet for future uses.

You do not need to be dealing with mold allergies to do this diet. I do feel that this diet can be beneficial for everyone, especially when dealing with infections and allergies. In addition to that, if your mental well-being is not in the top shape, like a foggy brain, fatigue, migraines, depression, then more reason for you to do this diet.

Note: Detox diet is just 1 area of treatment. There are other issues should be addressed as well, such as your environment and also your lifestyle, so that you can maximize the treatment results and also minimize the risk of future exposure.

I have found few sites on Mold Detox Diet; I do feel that improvements can be made as most are disconnected with each other and do not address other issues outside of diet. The consensus is that it takes the time to heal, but I do believe that approaching the detox as a whole, I can speed up my recovery.

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*All real food are susceptible to mold — they do decompose at the end. You cannot prevent mold, but you can minimize the exposure of toxic mold by eating the right thing.


So the main idea with this detox:

  1. Starve out the mold by cutting out its source of food, mainly sugar and moldy food
  2. Kill the mold and infections with herbs and spices that are known for anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Increase your immune system with prebiotic and probiotic. Your digestive track provides around 70% of your immune system. So by feeding the right bacteria, while killing the bad bacteria, you will speed up your healing process. Probiotics effects on Immunity 
  4. Accelerate the detox process with vigorous exercises to promote the healthy circulatory system. “The more they circulate, the more the liver and lymph nodes can do the job of cleansing and purify the blood and lymph” — Livestrong

Caution: Side effect may include digestive discomfort. The detox diet as a whole works like prebiotic and probiotic.” particularly those whose gut bacteria has been out of balance for years—there can be a “transition period” when existing problems, such as gas and bloating, actually can be aggravated.”


Food to Avoid (to starve out the mold):

  • Fruits and any other sugary sources including honey and agave
  • Food containing mold/yeast
  • Grains like wheat, rye, and barley — they contain gluten, which is known for its inflammation.
  • Processed/bottled/ canned food, since you are not aware of the origin of the ingredients. We are trying to limit allergic reactions here.  Food colorings and preservatives-allergy and hyperactivity
  • Dairy including yogurt and cottage cheese. You can get probiotic elsewhere. Better be safe than sorry. Dairy products and inflammation: A review of the clinical evidence. 
  • Vinegar and other condiments. While some believe that vinegar helps to fight infections, my personal experience shows that I’m highly sensitive to vinegar — no matter how diluted the vinegar solution, I’d show signs of chemical burn on my fingers….  I do not want to think how this translate in my stomach. I do not experience the same reaction on other citric acids like lemon and lime, but only to both white and apple cider vinegar. I’d recommend avoiding this. You can use Lemon Juice or oil to marinate things or for your salad. This site can provide some insights Vinegar Allergy-Causes, Symptoms, And Cure and also Canker sores from allergy to weak organic acids 
  • Alcohol. Period
  • I should add as well recreational drugs. Just because Mary Jane is legal, doesn’t mean that it will help you with your treatment.


Food to Eat

High starched carbs like brown rice, etc. There are many different opinions on brown rice but I have yet to find scientific data to support that brown rice is bad. While opinions out there suggests that nutrient-rich environment of brown rice is the perfect breeding ground for mold, this is RARE on organic rice and steps can be taken to minimize the risk. Some sites said that the mold to be heat tolerant (which goes to some degree) but cooking rice properly should reduce the chance. I have not found anything on past news on brown rice mold poisoning, other than a case in Nigeria from pesticide. But we all agree that it is nutrient rich and proven to be anti-inflammatory – more reason you need it while healing. My personal experience – rice has been helpful to me.

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams.  While potatoes are usually mold-free, it can become moldy quickly with inadequate storage. When in doubt, cook your potatoes right away.

Protein like fresh organic grass-fed meat. Pure Halal and Kosher meat are OK, as they follow almost similar guidelines with organic meat.

Pastured eggs. Eggs do contain certain mold, which quickly destroyed through heat. Therefore, it is discouraged to have cold eggs to go with your salad.

Fresh Organic Poultry. Not much info worth putting here.

Coconut oil is known for its potency as antifungal, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory. Do not use Liquid Coconut Oil as it is not the real thing, but a derivative of it (meaning not as potent as the actual oil)

Olive oil is also known for antifungal but not as potent? Olive oil is good for food to be served cold, while there are opinions out there against using it for heating. I have not done much research here as I’m leaning towards coconut oil for my daily diet. If you decide to use olive oil, make sure you have the right information that is backed by scientific studies and research.

Sweetener – ONLY real Stevia extract. It is believe to have anti-fungal properties. There are some stevia products to contains dairy, or other chemicals, so that’s a NO NO. Use sparingly of course until you know how your body responds to it. There are people who complains the health danger of stevia, but it is vague on which version and the purity of stevia being used. I could not find any scientific studies to support their argument. Not much studies have been done on stevia in general, other than to support the statement that is has been used throughout the world since ancient times….. That is good enough for me. The final verdict is still out there, but this articles below may provide insights for you so you can make an informative choice.

Herbs & Spices – I say the more, the merrier. I am not going to list every single herb known to humankind. It seems that ALMOST ALL OF THEM have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. You can decide which one is best for you. Maybe two cloves of fresh raw garlic a day aren’t your most fav thing to do but seem to work wonders for me.

Non-sugary fruits like Lemon and Avocado. Keep in mind, the next time you’re fighting the flu, OJ might not be the best thing as the high sugar in the juice will feed the infections — Lemon juice is the better choice.

Green Apple, limit once a day. This is the only exception to the sugary fruit rule because the benefits outweigh the risk.  Eat this with skin, and de-waxed. You can use vinegar and hot water to de-waxed the Green Apple and then use a paper towel to rub off any wax residue. This action makes a big difference in the taste! No Red Apples.

  • “Granny Smith apples tend to have the highest number of particular types of polyphenols and fiber, which helps increase the beneficial bacteria in the gut of animal subjects, according to a study published in Food Chemistry in October 2014. —
  • Apples May Keep Asthma Away


Supplements to take

  • Vitamin C from whole food (not synthesized at labs). This is the one that I take.
  • Probiotic and Prebiotic. This is the one that I take
  • Zinc, and Magnesium. Since these are minerals, I’m ok if it’s not from whole food, although risk? FYI Selenium is found in most food and deficiencies are uncommon, so just focus on  Zinc and Magnesium Banish Allergies with These 3 Minerals
  • Activated Charcoal to absorb toxins in your body.
  • Shakeology… this is up to you as it does have fructose, but it is made from whole food and not synthetic ingredients. There are too many superfoods in Shakeology (known for high anti oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties) that have been used by ancient tribes to promote health and strength. I believe that there are too many benefits in it that outweigh the small insignificant details. My illness was at the worst last December, the same time that I put my order of Shakeology on hold. Perhaps it is taking two years for the allergies to take a toll on my body because of Shakeology. As a Team Beachbody Coach, it is by default that I am biased on this, so do your research and make a smart and informative decision!

Other supplements and multivitamins — I’d recommend avoiding them until you’re showing signs of improvements. It could be 2 weeks, two months, you will know.


Synthetic vs Whole Food Supplements

This is whole different topic on its own so I will only describe it briefly. Keep in mind that most online websites are biased on this issue – they’re either pro natural medicine, or they’re motivated by other factors (best not to mention here). I have not found any reliable studies to show the difference but I do encourage that you read the  articles below to give you some idea.

Here’s my opinion – I believe we barely have a glimpse of full understanding of nutrition. Every year, there are new discoveries that discredited the previous knowledge on a certain topic. What we know now about nutrition might be wrong in 20-30 years. As of now, we do not even have a universal system to measure anti-oxidants (source: Perhaps we will discover more phytochemicals from whole food, that are currently missing in synthetic supplements. Before this, I was neutral on the topic and would go with the cheaper option. And after doing my own research and with my recent health experience, I’m strongly leaning towards supplements derived from whole food. The extra few dollars are worth it.

Besides, if you’re dealing with ALLERGIES AND INFLAMMATIONS, do you want to take the risk of synthetic supplements?


Sample Meal Plan

Coming Soon! Check again tomorrow. Also Herbal Tea


Additional Things To Speed Up Your Healing

  1. Exercise. The more intense, the better.
  2. Use essential oil daily — this is for another blog about my research on the potency and truth of essential oil. Make sure to dilute it before applying to yourself. If there is still mold or allergen in your home, then diffusing essential oil can minimize the exposure. However, I have not found scientific studies to show that diffusing the oil can kill airborne mold spores, but so far, everything else seems promising, so we can only hope!
  3. Use HEPA air filter, especially in your bedroom, a place for you to recharge and recover.
  4. A healthy lifestyle, which also means going to bed at the decent time, and waking up early. Avoid going out at certain times especially when it is dark to risk fungus spores exposure.
  5. Practice proper hygiene – doesn’t hurt to change and shower when you come home after spending time outside. Again, this is about limiting your exposures to allergen
  6. Learn more about Feng Shui and declutter. More stuff, more mess, more clutter, more dust and dirt, more allergen! Why not just be open-minded about it?