Cravings for Burgers? The guide to a healthy fast food.

We all want to eat healthy, but sometimes it is just impossible with the busy work schedule. And not to mention that from time to time, we do have the cravings for some fatty food like hamburgers. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot be smart and chose the best type of burgers – a healthy one – for our meal.

Of course living in California, nothing says about a mouth drooling burger like In-N-Out burgers! The burgers are known to be made from top-quality ingredients like 100% pure beef with no additives, preservatives or fillers. Try the burger sans cheese and protein-style, with lettuce instead of the bun. This takes the burger down to 240 calories from 390 and drastically cuts carbs and sodium. Even if you choose your burger with a bun, you’re only talking about 390 calories. (Fat is not the big enemy here, but it is the simple carb from the processed enriched white flour from the buns, so when in doubt, choose the protein-style burger). Just do not do anything crazy like ordering 20 by 20 burger! It is all about moderation people!

In-N-Out 20 patties x 20 cheese

If you are not in California, you could easily find gourmet burger joints around your area by using your smart phone apps or do a quick Google search. One particular well known joint is Fatburger. Sure, Fatburger does have bad, greasy selections but it is up to you to be smart. The turkey deal is a very good alternative as it is made from lean turkey meat and served on whole wheat buns. Choose your condiments carefully. Bacon adds an extra 70 calories, while cheddar cheese adds another 110. So order your burger dry, and use the ketchup and mustard sparingly. Just don’t forget the veggies like tomatoes, onions and lettuce!

Of course, the best way to eat a healthy burger is a home-made one. You could buy a 90% lean ground beef meat, and whole grain buns. Or for those real busy people out there, check out the prepared burger patties from Whole Food, Trader Joes, or my new favorite grocery store, Fresh & Easy. There are variety selections of healthy burger patties like the earthy vegan, wild salmon, portobello mushrooms and many more.

Just remember, while doing grocery shopping, when in doubt, do not buy it. Or use that smart phone gadgets of yours and do a quick Google search on the food’s Nutrition Facts!