You Get What You Pay For – Part 2

I have received hundreds of emails from strangers over few years telling me how badly they would like to have a physique like mine.  I do not have the best body in the world out there; but I know that I’ve worked hard and in better shape than the average joes for sure. But, people want my advice because they know my background, and realize that if I could achieve such a dramatic transformation, I can help anyone to do the same. That is correct – anyone can work to have the best body of their lives and have an amazing body transformation.

But, to look like a pro athlete or a fitness model you need to train like one!

That means you need to start doing an intense workout routine and make it part of your lifestyle. Working out around 1 hour a day should become a daily routine as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth and combing your hair. If you’re not willing to commit to this, then your chances of having chiseled 6 pack abs are about as great as of hitting the lottery jackpot. If you’re afraid that this new lifestyle change might make you neglect your friends and kill your social life, well think again! Don’t be afraid of making this lifestyle change. It is healthier than lets say going clubbing or hitting the bars. You will meet more positive people who are into fitness as well and could lead to many opportunities. You could meet a great hiking /camping buddy when you decide to sign up for the Spartan Race. You could find your next dream job by networking with these new type of people. Who knows; the possibilities are endless. CHANGE is GOOD!

Nutrition and supplements play a vital role in transforming your body as well. Only a few people out there naturally have the body of a Greek god with minimal work, while the rest of us have to work extra hard to achieve it. Don’t try to pinch pennies when selecting supplements, as supplements help BIG TIME! When you’re doing strength training, you need to have higher protein intake in your diet, which can often be difficult to achieve through diet alone. Thus, whey protein helps! I take the P90X Recovery Drink for post workout and Shakeology for the superfoods in it so that I can perform and function better not only in my workout, but also in in every aspect of my life.

Again, don’t expect to get great results if you’re not willing to make the investments in time and money as YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Michael Phelps, Olympian gold medalist, trained for hours and ate 10,000 calories per day while training for the Olympics.  Hugh Jackman was doing intense workout routines and ate 5000 calories per day to prepare for the move Wolverine. I’m not saying that you should follow their footsteps, but by investing your time and money wisely, you can still get the results that you want.

Remember, DECIDE….. COMMIT….. SUCCEED. Become an amazing individual!